Infoseite // Transmission problems with the Sony HDV 1000 e

Frage von connect:

Until recently, both Premiere recognized as synonymous Pinnacle Our Camera and the import of video footage was not a problem.

Now suddenly stopped!
Have it tested s.verschieden PCs and nowhere the camera is detected.

Does anyone know this problem?

helpless Greetings


Antwort von highdefinition79:

If the camera does not s.mehreren PCs, then it is either defective or you have a point in the menu that enables the DV-Firewire transfer. I had only yesterday with a Canon, which had suddenly after a battery change disabled this feature. Hies there HDR -> DV. (If that is required if you put DV tapes in this HD camera).

Good luck!


Antwort von Numquam:

Moin moin,

is your iLink cable may be defective or have you always and the same s.allen other PC's used?

If so swap out this time and look what happens then.

The Firewire connection s.sich yes it can be. Before panic breaks always exclude only the logical sources of error ;-).



Antwort von tommyb:

The Firewire connector, it may well be because Firewire [bad at setting mode] was apparently designed for extreme sensitivity to static electricity [/ evil in position mode]. S.Kabel defects (except bent pins in the times due to improper use), I have until now never had ...

I have quite a few cases known where exactly was the high-FW-jack the hooves - preferably s.Camcorders. Some Manufacturer then build the boards a victim to sacrifice the next electric shock (such as the JVC GY-HD series) - but is extremely expensive to repair.

First check by not obs possibly the cable. Then join other camcorder s.Calculator and look. The camera (HD1000), then connect the other s.einen Calculator. Maybe it's just synonymous with the stupid Windows Device Manager in a spontaneous disabled Firewire interface ...


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