Infoseite // Trembling / shaking effect of "dirty rock" intro

Frage von phips:


First of all: I'm new here:)

I hope / think that my "question" was until now not yet made it. Did the Sufu not used.

Ok, I have the following steps:

I want a "make dirty / dirty" intro that suits the type of music in punk rock, then played a little faster. Well, the music can be ignored.

My idea is a rough script full of holes which are in all directions more or less moves a lot and this s.and to additional disturbance / noise / scratches, etc. has.

Also, I could imagine a short-term enlargement of the text, which, however, he duplicated the original, as it were, and still is behind it, perhaps in a different color (preferably blood red).

some more concrete questions:

should we read the text in the Text Engine of AFX and left with the blur (vllt. Animating parameters with expression?) designing or equal to the text in Photoshop and many of them simply stringing together different images in AFX?

- How could I then have to duplicate the text larger and? What effect is this useful?

And generally, all animations are choppy and act quickly.
That is why I rather suspect it would be better I do them all in photoshop which of course is very destructive and takes longer.

Help would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely,


Antwort von AndyZZ:

What version of After Effects are you? In version 6.5 (Pro only?), There are already several text animations. There are some synonymous shaking and Rüttelteile there. Can you even put in several levels. And fonts you can find at home in the vastness of the Internet. Simply enter times "font download" or "font" or something similar into a search engine. Because once you find something.


Antwort von Jörg:

So that working with Photoshop is to be destructive .....??
But in this case, AE is obviously the first choice.
And with these fonts
solls then synonymous writings gehen.Diese then beat on the animated
- Convert> Animation -> keyframeassistent -> audio to keyframes
And never mind the bollocks ...
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von phips:

Thanks for the link George,

I have not thought once again. I could have themselves come up with the idea to search for such fonts, but I've always thought only s.ein particular design and I thought I would absolutely do it myself. But the fonts are exactly according to my ideas.
And with destructive I just thought that if I put the text in photoshop on pixelbasis alters and distorts, etc. And this painting, I can not change it later, and perhaps unnecessarily'm working if I do not need. I think "not constructive" would have been more fit, well, as always synonymous. I have thought of just another variant. One might indeed synonymous to paint in photoshop on a separate level, the scratches and stains and then as this animated mask on the editable text in after effects.

In any case, thank you, have a little standing on the hose.

Yours sincerely,


Antwort von fabriquez:

What you still can try the following (only AE Pro):

Upstairs in the file list window, click and "shake" open. Set as a disorder where "square" and select your font. In the timeline you choose "position" and make a keyframe at frame eg 25th Then another keyframe for the same any time. these two keyframes you choose to (make sure only these two are elected, otherwise you can not apply the effect). Now, use the "black colored button that you can use it. Games with "strength and frequency," until you've achieved your desired Effelt .... Voila.


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