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Frage von Jörg Ehehalt:


I'm considering a small DV camera for traveling and have to buy as an offer for a SonyDCR-PC120E. This has a 1.5 megapixel chip.

For me, in such megapixel cameras of the biggest hooks that they usually have a very limited wide angle, because it is used for video only a Small portions of the entire CCD area.

With newer Sony cameras, this is a little bit relieved that when switching to the 16:9 mode, the image is slightly wider still, because the camera then uses a wider section of the CCD. Moreover, one has in this case, true 16:9.

Now my question: Does anyone have a PC120 and could even see if when switching to 16:9 the image is wider, so the left and right nor s.Bildrand something worse, that one has not seen before?

Have you ever thank you!



Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"(; User Above) wrote:
: Now my question: Does anyone have a PC120 and could even see if the switch
: The image to 16:9 is wider, so the left and right or something s.Bildrand
: In addition, one has not seen before?

I think - IIRC - that not even the PC330 has a true 16:9 mode, gave / gives it back from my memory, until the 1000 model HC / PC.

At least, were buying my first instincts again stimulated in the PC 330, which I then wg. the Gahäuseanmutung, the new, for (; existing) PC 100 incompatible flash memory, and the new battery did not please correct. Possibly. I'm in the PC 1000 racing again. (; I quarrel but, if I prefer not to treat the FX1 - I will only so much ballast.?)

Otherwise, of course, the question of how suitable is an electronic image stabilization in 16:9 mode, because the pixels are indeed sometimes needed for the resolution in the horizontal.

My 50-cent Meniung under, and ¬ he was even written down just as 16:9 for the HD future is fun and then with optical stabilizer. - But do not hit your ...



Antwort von Pepo:

A very interesting Cam could be synonymous dieCanonMVX45i, which has just come out. 2 megapixels, optical image stabilization, and very true 16:9 (; electronic anamorphic compression).

Waiting eagerly await the first "German" Test Reports.


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