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Tutorial-Clip / Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 -- Die neuen Funktionen

Tutorial clip / Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 - New Features

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Januar 2006

Tutorial clip / Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 - The new features of slashCAM - 25 Jan 2006 15:15:00
A few days ago of the new Adobe Production Studio was introduced - our first tests of the new program versions are indeed synonymous already been published () followed by others in the near future. In addition, in the coming weeks a total of six tutorial clips appear to show the new functions currently in action. The beginning today makes our clip on Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

Antwort von Robert Kleine:


Cool video! As you get right crave. Only if me this new "rubber surface" like remains to be seen. Eh I'll wait until rausgibt support for Matrox RTX100 ... * wart *

BTW: I noticed that the tutorial video for me starts at 2:18 min - without sound. Only when I let the video of s.laufen beginning, I have sound.

I use Quiktime 6.5.1.

Regards, Robert

PS I just noticed when I pull in the "Movie" -> "Show all frames specify", it is liquid and ... Sound is here! Since the option is not included again at program start, stay with me the error ...

Antwort von dvpilot:


habs mir synonymous just down loaded - play with me so far ok.

So I think the chewing gum surface in some way-cool (as long as the program does not susceptible to abstürze ...)

I would like to see my times as a pdf with video - there is somewhere to download?



Antwort von MiXMaster:

So quite honestly, for the functions I must not get update but ...

Antwort von Robert Kleine:

@ Guest

... och, the Mulitcam editing are quite funny out! Who has time recordings with more than two cameras at the same time made, will be pleased with this feature! The multicam window looks to me one other thing to "playful" and I strained out whether you can control it beautifully with keyboard shortcuts ...

Output with DVD menus, ... well, if things go "should be a quick and dirty" - I find synonymous sense.
When the rubber surface, I hope that you can switch synonymous to "normal" (separate window). It will bother me if the video image will always be "zoomed" Fit to Screen "... We'll see!

I hope weiterin that EDL import and export is in there, just like the AAF and (possibly the OMF) export. Then one can be pretty cut the average external project "online" and do make a good sound editing in Cubase / Protools / Logic / leave ;-)

What interests me as RTX100 User is whether premiere in conjunction with the new Matrox xTools is faster for larger projects. This "updating timeline" disturbs me greatly! I often have the feeling that the only really RTX Real Effects of slow-or no ...

Regards, Robert

Antwort von prem:


so I can play only the beginning of the clip when the prestress and the text of THE NEW FEATURES are played, the player stops.

(Use mplayer on Linux)

Antwort von julian:


both go with me vids schriftzug synonymous only to the "new features" (and which breaks with no sound) then either the player s.oder it stays black

vlc on winxp

Antwort von Claus:

So for me the video with extreme running time offset, ie the sound to the video lagged behind, at worlds ...

It was only the tip with "Show All Frames" makes the video Viewable.

Please do not understand me wrong, I'm glad that these videos are free, but a "real" video (h264) as this would essentially compatible video / flash mishmash. If the file size would be twice as big, if it were still not tragic ... Therefore, one could then really play anywhere ...

Antwort von Claus:

Again, I .... ;-)

Was somewhat hasty with my comment. So synonymous with "Show All Frames" is the sound always behind. Although much less than before, but when the lady speaks of Audioscrubuing, the video shows the frequency space already analyzed. Thus, the video just does not make fun ...

I usually use the VLC media player. Because of the video (Flash s.dem part not at all) can not play, I've instaled the latest extra QT Player. In the numerous security problems with version 6, I'm afflicted to be able to watch certainly not back, only to see the video ...

Antwort von macmaster:


've just seen the audition clip on the mac. sad that there is no audition on the mac ... I would even be interested.

The clip is running in my mac os 10.4.4 quicktime 7 without any problems.



Antwort von Florin:

Hmmm, for me the clip is synonymous going smoothly: Win XP SP2 QT Player 7 ..

Antwort von Claus:

So the new clip 3 synonymous, I can finally properly view. I would be delighted if synonymous clip 1 and 2 would appear soon in H264, so that I really synonymous times (without time delay can see) ...

MfG, Claus

Antwort von mole:

Unfortunately, the file can not erfolreich open.
Quicktime 7 + WinXP brings the following error message:

File 1024_600.mov can not be found.
I Rename it to "1024_600.mov" around, he finds the file titel_encore.mov not. Renaming again to bring me into a loop with the first error.

Maybe someone can help.
mfg mole

Antwort von gerd:


works for me without any problems:

quicktime 7, mac powerbook.



Antwort von Rcihard:

Clip works great for me!
Thank you!


Antwort von prem:

I have the drivers for Matrox synonymous files system 100 under Premiere 2.0, but video show on TV monitor no longer works. somewhere a setting, what one must still perform? Timeline of the film might be playing on Matrox output s.TV monitor watch, but now it shows why not get out?
Greeting Pars

Antwort von niFe:

hät da ma ne frage s.sich to the program

are they the same effects at 2.0 to 1.5 how? (or new, I know)

And the program is really better? The new interface seems to me as if it had been made for normalbüger understandable. So concise. Were also changed for the editing?? to make it to the average citizen to understand?

Antwort von Defekte Dateien:

Unfortunately, to Open Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro, the files do not

Antwort von Klaus:

Thank you for this short, concise tutorial. - Greetings from Austria, Klaus

Antwort von Kusie:

The video linked here is no longer available, please update the link to the thread creator or delete the thread.
Thank you,

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