Infoseite // Twixtor for Final Cut Pro and After Effects?

Frage von edi_the eagle:

Working with Final Cut Pro and need Twixtor. Will soon begin to AE. Twixtor can I pull over there? knows someone from there?


Antwort von Axel:

The Twixtor integrated function of the interpolation of new frames in both retiming is in CS5 in AAE than in synonymous FCS3 in Motion. The term is applied in After Effects with time change> method> Pixel Motion, Motion for time to conduct> Picture transition> Optical Flow.



Good to see: Organic shapes (moving cars as solid forms such as rubber) without motion blur (fast shutter speed), a tripod (no pan) are the best conditions. As you can see s.den waves will contribute to complex image areas like to invent something. But in the Twixtor plugin that same thing.


Antwort von edi_the eagle:

Thank you very much, try the matter on.


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