Infoseite // Two Monitors in Premiere Pro using

Frage von Luis959:

I have connected two monitors s.meinem PC s.einer graphics card. Now I want to use synonymous with under Premiere Pro, but get no attention.
Am I too stupid about this or not do?


Antwort von fabriquez:

Das geht klar Which graphics card do you have? You have the card in the settings of the Picture as set that you duplicating the ResolutionHorizontal. Example: Instead of 1600x1200 -> 3200x1200.
But you'd have to have a preset in the settings. There are clones, vertical, horizontal, etc. This will make sure you erstmal correctly and then you can open Premiere and drag the window across the entire width.


Antwort von Luis959:

Thanks for the info! It is an ATI 9800 can control two monitors. However, I can raise the Resolutionnicht accordingly (latest drivers installed).
I'll mess around a bit and then report that I've achieved something.


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