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Frage von Webbsta:


I recorded with two cameras, a live open air.
One of the two stationary cams got tied up in the technology framework and war with the PA via XLR, so it has stereo sound recording of the event. The other cam was mounted on a Steadicam, and moved before the movable stage for detail shots.

Now I want to use the material, as I mainly used the Picture of the stationary cam, but for some moments, for example, use of an audience during a visit to the singer's song, the material of the Steadycam.

How then can I use two image sources, a synchronous audio source?

Thank you very much!


Antwort von seTTi:

So for me now, it sounds like a relatively simple ... you can fool me, of course, synonymous.

You sync the two video sources on the timeline by you take a moment and prominent lay out these two videos s.The same place. Thus, the two videos synchronously ... the audio track will now be a problem.



Antwort von carstenkurz:

What have you got besides the two bands available for editing? ;-)

- Carsten


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