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Frage von Paul*Berlin:

Hello slashCAM,
I have put myself in the last days s.die Video recordings of music evening our school last month, up to now I've cut 2 gigs ready.
I would ask you to post comments on the style of the videos here in the forum, should Comments on the content "" her post under the video:).
Looking forward to your comments, suggestions and tips. Tips for cutting I can put even more, since waiting for a lot of appearances on the mincer - I want to handle at least another 5 gigs when I have time.

What disturbs me even s.den recordings, is that there are no close-ups, what does it matter that the used Cams either not enough or have the Optical Zoom Tripod was not stable enough to lie in more than 20x zoom really quiet. From the first series we filmed only a few performances - the whole is still very much try synonymous, it is the first time that we have worked with external audio recorder and synonymous for the first time that we are piecing the whole thing synonymous.
In these shots I had to turn way synonymous with half-broken Tripod - I could not tilt the tripod, only pan, because a screw was broken off.

Another thing about technology, for those interested:
Video: Panasonic HDC-SD300, SonyHandycam, Samsung VP-MX20
Audio: Zoom audio recorder in the 1 Series.

And, what must not miss the links!

I'm looking forward to your criticism!

Regards, Paul


Antwort von Manuell:


your decision a positive external audio recorder was used to evaluate the on schonmal.
Unfortunately, it was already. Of course, is always stupid to work with bad / broken equipment, for the ziterige wobble is very disturbing. The Effects like me do not synonymous. The video looks as though it were created in the early 80s. The light is of course synonymous with all the cannon, which, yes, but unfortunately is often the case at such events. There has been set badly and does not fit the music.
Despite the adverse conditions, the image sections could have been better, so the singer right in the picture, since you should probably deal again with settings (long shot, medium shot, American, Middle, etc.).
I hope I do not discourage you, for the first attempt is always difficult and you have already recognized the problems themselves.

It is important always to include synonymous sectional images, which you can then give the cut a little speed. With two cameras you would have to deny you synonymous something better, who is filming what and when.

With more practice and experience is already, as there are worse first attempts :-).


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