Infoseite // Two different magnitudes in the Windows Movie Maker

Frage von Nilla:

I would like with the Windows Movie Maker videos from the likes (; Mini DV) editing and / or burn. Basically works the synonymous, the WMM is fairly self-explanatory. My problem now is that the videos are already in the preview (; on the play) are far too dark. So dark it is synonymous displayed when I made it to the collection area play out. I prefer it down to the storyboard and then play it, then adjust the brightness, just as it was synonymous. I save it then, but is the dark variant saved.
How can I change this? Have no options could be found and I will not actually synonymous Effect apply because the video is actually bright enough. How and where can I get it in WMM so that the video synonymous in the collection and preview displays correctly and properly stored synonymous? What can it do with the fact that the video is much darker than it really is? Sorry, I have really no idea of video editing or s.sich program. I would therefore not synonymous tips for other programs. Wants only a "What You See Is What You Get" of the things me and the storyboard are back:)


Antwort von ksr:

Why the storyboard and in different magnitudes of the collection available, I can not explain it. Hope you have the correct project settings (DV-Pal, etc.)

Otherwise, the brightness of video on the PC many times with the so-called overlay graphics cards to do so. Search times under the heading of "overlay" in the settings of the graphics card, because you can adjust the brightness of video images USoft extra rules (often by default dark).


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