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Frage von Flow_S:


So I did the following: I have since then types a video of one capoeira, which makes pretty cool moves, and I would like to separate from the rest of these types of background (beach - so no blue screen). the type I want to be completely in black and who wants that he moves with his moves on the screen ... None has probably understood, but it should basically look all around it like the new i-pod advertising with the jazz musicians.

So the difficulty is in my eyes only to separate the types of background - because I hope someone can give me some helpful tips!

thank you in advance

- Flow


Antwort von Axel:

Salut flow.
In the absence of Keybar background:

Requires some practice, but is most significant for DV material cleaner than chroma or Lumastanzen, depending on just how much patience and accuracy you invest. Please read the article carefully. He describes Rotopaint not only synonymous but the faster RotoBezier.


Antwort von Flow_S:

ahh very nice!

I thank you for the quick response and helpful!

- Flow


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