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Frage von skynaone:

Hi, I'm looking for a long time help with a problem. I have worked for 3 years now with the Ulead 11 and am far more synonymous to get along. Vista operating system. For some time my camera no longer recognizes Ulead (SonyDCR HC-46). The problem I have been able to overcome time. Now I have the following additional problem. I import my 16:9 clips on the recording. These to me are synonymous in the screen as a 16:9 display. Now I wanted to edit my movie and get 4-3 clips. The default settings are set to 16:9. Both in project setting, default and synonymous in the output. The hook for not rendering full square pixel is set synonymous. The picture is now squashed together. I now have even a trial basis Windows 7 installed. This does exactly the same problem. I'm with my s.Ende Latin. So far everything had worked. Corel even get no answer. Then I wait for August.

Perhaps I can help someone yes. Schonmal thank you for your answers.

Greeting skynaone.


Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

Do you work with DV-AVI clips?

"Skynaone" wrote: ... These to me are synonymous in the screen as a 16:9 display.
"On Screen" is kind of everything. You mean in the video studio preview or play in a player, VLC for example?
As the clips under "Properties" (right click, properties) specified?
If the 4:3 display on all tracks or only to a specific?

PS: I just noticed that you now have another picture added that clarifies some questions.
If the MPEG video directly from camcorder or have already converted or of DV-AVI rendered? After all the clips are referred to as 4:3, so far seems VS put it right. Used to control but once Gpsot or media information (times google), maybe the clips are really with incorrect settings have been included.


Antwort von skynaone:

I have just read this. From the camera angle is 16:9 deposited. The import in VS I've seen on the screen synonymous 16:9. When I wanted to edit it now and have looked into the properties, there is 4:3 and it is displayed as synonymous in the VS.

According to the media info, it is 4:3. However, the display of the camera, the picture filled out completely to 16:9. As noted above, my clips were synonymous with the import as 16:9 in VS appears as this. Only in retrospect, not more. I've s.meiner Camera synonymous changed nothing.


Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

You play on words of Mini-DV tape? Then yes you can just think again about playing on PC (capture), because the originals on tape are thus not so amended.

I heard it once happened that I accidentally changed the course of the recordings have the format, and was unpleasantly surprised after the format change. This can happen under stress.

The format of the display you can only leave limited. Is there any specified in the technical detail synonymous format?


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