Infoseite // Ulead DVD Factory 4 contains chopped wmv RELINK the original file

Frage von jokel:

I originally had 10 hand-wmv video files in Ulead 4 concerns curtailed and the synonymous use of different brands and have now 30 short videos in the bar below, which are modified and all 4GB in size. If I want to burn, Ulead asks whether I want RELINK modified files. When I enter no, all changes s.den files away and there are 20GB, because all the original files, Ulead uncut full-length instead of 30 has set up a short-cut files. If I answer yes and again on the same original file left, Ulead is also the source files in unedited full length again. Why the 30 reserves Ulead modifications not?
It would be really great if someone could help me.


Antwort von jokel:

Hello again,
I have the 30 wmv files are modified so cut but I understand the purpose of the query do not understand why it should be necessary, the modified wmv files to link (yes or no?). Does the query that I use the files in Ulead have cut or that the original files on the hard drive has been otherwise altered? I know this query is only so if I as the original file to another folder moved, renamed or deleted. But I have the original files on the hard drive does not change but only in Ulead. Why does this Ulead cut files in the program correctly s.and when rendering and burning to go, then the query on the new link?


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