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Frage von psybak:

Hi All,

I was thoroughly informed real, but somehow it has, is still nciht really made "click" ...

I understand the following:

The aspect ratio (= DAR = Display Aspect Ratio) represents the ratio of Width and Height of an entire video image and is always specified as a ratio. (eg, 4:3 or 16:9).

The pixel aspect ratio (= PAR = Pixel Aspect Ratio) represents the ratio of Width and Height of a single pixel and is expressed as a factor.
(eg 1.067 or 1.094)

16:9 and 4:3 have the German PAL signal both 720x576 pixels, but the PAR is different.
In Avid, I work sometimes with material in 1024x576? What is it all about? Is the "true" 16:9? Will the PAL signal is then auto-scaled down and fitted with a letterbox so that it fits into the Resolution720x576? As the picture will look like on an analog 4:3-tube TV, like on a large scale and high-resolution 16:9 LCD or plasma?

Would be nice if someone would help me, the last to catch on ... :)



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Antwort von Dr. Walter Gesierich:

Please just my standard answer for me (and many others) as precisely and intuitively with. It was only when I was up to the "Roots" have understood, then I'm really in the application of "good" ...
Greetings Walter


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