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Frage von Sankisan:

Hello dear community!

I have a new underwater video put together and is determined to know you think (criticism absolutely welcome!).

I deliberately started with the same highlights (Mantas) and does not even attempt to tell a true story, as the raw material was about four hours and it is so difficult for me was the whole to just six minutes to cut.

Now my question is, the whole totally unusable in this form, and should I start with the cut of the front, or is it dive as it were highlights of a week so acceptable?

Is it too long?
Is it too boring?
Any suggestions to make the whole more interesting?

Thank you for all your (honest) answers!


Antwort von Funque:

omg I find the video really nice, it has given me a lot of fun looking at it, I have no idea of just filming underwater, so I've just enjoyed the pictures without my thoughts on the expense of the well must be behind it.

btw, I'm entitled to thailand underwater s.was thought otherwise, local beauties filmed the swimming below the wasserunterfläsche. sry for my initial thoughts.



Antwort von domain:

The images are actually TV-ready, so great.
But some savvy amateur videographer in my opinion not, they may already conceptually never intend to act in competition with professional films.
So other things have to be shown in the video: private conversations among the divers before and after diving, grilling or Schnapserln and who knows what. Without the point of group dynamics is simply not real.
The pure impersonal underwater world is a domain of the professionals in the universe, etc. But it should just amateur films differ massively.
By the way, congratulations on your manta images are, I never succeeded, but Walhaiaufnahmen in the red sea.


Antwort von DMD:

Congratulations on the successful images. It's fun to watch it.

(A tiny note ... I know s.Anfang aim was to cut on time. I would have twice as long as the pictures and leave only every "second time" a reworking made. The pictures are so full of content, that one in this part a bit more time to wish to consider it as such.)

Otherwise, very nice to look at. One can imagine that these recordings have made a lot of fun.



Antwort von Sankisan:

Wow, thanks for the positive feedback s.alle!

@ Stev
Thanks for the hint, I think s.Beginn You mean the 'upper hand' shots. I give you right, I'm even beginning to think I just wanted to put as much information in little time. I think that I'll change it! Thanks for the tip!

@ Domain
Regarding Amateur vs. Professional. Since you're absolutely right, but you will just make something beautiful and synonymous to emulate the models ;-)
Wow, whale shark itself is a dream! In the Red Sea, it is then double madness! Super!


Antwort von kuhea:



In all matters a great film. And even though I was in a hurry's actually the movie I've angschaut in peace until the end. Or, more comfortable with, enjoyed.

Keep it up. Kuhea


Antwort von domain:

"Sankisan" wrote:
Regarding Amateur vs. Professional. Since you're absolutely right, but you will just make something beautiful and synonymous to emulate the models ;-)

Yes but the emulation is mE often in the wrong direction.
As an example, the various Zoofolgen times on TV. Just follow the pure wildlife photography would be boring, so they show the animal keepers synonymous and the nursing staff in practice. In addition, but a slightly humorous humanizing "super comment" of a pleasant speaking voice. This fits mE
The extreme counter-example I know of even private steam train filmmakers, since no one was allowed to disturb the object of immediate desire.
All nonsense, the more emotionally involved with people you insert in your video, more and more people will access it synonymous


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