Infoseite // Upload videos from abroad - Which web provider?

Frage von Heiner Kunk:


I'd like my videos (there is a dedicated and ne fixe) from abroad, so to speak, "cache" in the Net. Is there a supplier of special offers such platforms?

Have gegooglet, but Perfect enough my words were probably not.


Antwort von tommyb:

Maybe you'll get quite good with a big drive webspace. Or start a vServer (wenns seeeehr really a lot of material to be).


Antwort von B.DeKid:


How many GB are there?
How long should the videos in between INet stored?

Because then you can be synonymous with one or other answer regarding "when out with the videos" in reply.

B. DeKid


Antwort von MHK:

Well I would tend to me synonymous for the period may be a small, private service anzumieten.

Say either a larger website package or a small example of how vServer for 9 ¬ per month for a monthly notice.

15,000 MB web space (~ 15GB)
1500 GB data transfer / month

https: / /

That should be really rich for every day one or the other memory card to transfer. FTP to a server, so set up is a breeze. And more is not really needed.



Antwort von Heiner Kunk:

thank you thank you ...

No idea how much this is. This can 4gb per day or 20th time .. over 3 months.

But it could help me. Gracias ;-)


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