Infoseite // Urgent! Avid Xpress Pro5.7 - problems when playing

Frage von Ute:

Hello all together,

I work longer easily s.aktuellen Project.
Suddenly I can no longer sequence or clip to play. When scrolling through the Timlin all images correctly displayed. When I go to play, this will be tried and shortly thereafter with the following error message:

Exception FILE_OTHER, Filname: ..... (here is the correct file to the file are displayed)
2.Zeile the error message:
Exception: SYS_ERROR, status: 1453, msg: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service

The calculator is of Avid after the recommended "qualified field workstation configured.
ACPI Multiprocessor PC with Windows XP Professional operating system;
Graphics card NVICIA Quadro FX560 (extra s.Anfang was incorporated as a not declined)
Hard-Samsung HD082GJ / 80 GB and Samsung HD321KJ / 320 GB
external hard drive with 2 TB
2 monitors / Dualview
currently is on the hard drive c: to 10 GB of free (as is the program);
e: 35 GB are still free (as is the Avid project folder);
to f: is 117 GB of free (as are the Avid Media Files)

Even though I am with the Sony-playback device in the Capture Tool will play the tape, it can run in the Sony device proper, in Avid sees the whole as a slide show, because the film does not expire but always skips images or "stop" and then umspringt because the tape runs next yes.

In the timeline, everything is there, it comes nowhere "Media offline" or something, scroll over it works flawlessly.

It ran everything problemslos until the last turn off the computer and now it suddenly does not play anymore. But otherwise I have not recorded anything what s.den attitudes changed.

Hopefully someone can help me quickly, really standing on the hose!




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