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Frage von reini michet:


I habs tried in the general forum, maybe I can help here who:

I'm with my XHA1 DV recordings made (may be partially synonymous HDV footage on the tape, it has worked for many people with them) and can not import the now in the final cut. I have all settings in the menu Final Cut - Easy configuration tried out ... no idea why it does not work.

I always get the error message:
The HDV deck could not be initialized ...

On the camera, the error message:

SP-Play. locked
Play restricted

Who can help me? I need the material until tomorrow on my hard disk!

And thank lg


Antwort von Axel:

"clean Michet" wrote: I always get the error message:
The HDV deck could not be initialized ...

On the camera, the error message:

SP-Play. locked
Play restricted

If you do not want to play the camera is well founded, the error of Final Cut Pro. Let us hope that the Firewire connection is okay. Create an tape one, of which you know what it is, without firewire. Does it off properly? If so, you can do it with the correct DV-out Firewire Basic and see attitude on the Mac?

If not, save your customer preferences on the map and put the camera back to factory settings. Place and date of a new time zone and test again.

If so, it may be that on the tape too much too recently to many different material with TC's mistakes. Maybe it was just a typo of you, but "S P" means "Short Play", that is normal playback speed, while for DV synonymous option "LP" there. I have frequently heard that you do not do DV and HDV on a tape. One can well imagine then that for LP and SP is increased in mass ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Mean when you open then every 2 h nen neuen thread is that better?

Stay with the first thread because no one else knows what has been recommended.

Uninstall the firewire card from the time devices manager then rebooting and re-test. Case, so what's going on over main nem Mac.

Have no other old DV Cam more?

Good luck

B. DeKid


Antwort von reini michet:

Ah ... now works ...
I've now followed your tip and reset all the settings of the cam ... no idea what was the problem but now klappts. Thank you very much! In the future, I just stay with my HDV configuration synonymous here, then I need not open multiple threads;)

Many thanks to everyone falling ... I normally work somewhat synonymous term planning ... Unfortunately, it can not always set up.

But I must tell you I am very grateful for the quick and competent help! you've saved me a few more annoying ...

lg and beautiful evening


Antwort von nicecam:

Well, thank God.

You know, here are a few with you so feverish. But to remain as the Council of DeKid, the originating thread, has been justified.


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