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Frage von MS-Film:

I work with 17 premium.

I now have a set against a white canvas in which an object rotates.

I would like to add in addition a document that changes and progress. A stopwatch or a countdown is running fast. Can someone tell me how I can do that. I hope you know what I mean ....
can describe the bad .....
synonymous well would run if in addition to the degrees of rotation would


Antwort von nicecam:

Because this possibility would be for example:

About the title editor you place an object 60 times with 1sekündiger duration in the timeline. Is a trice. 10 objects fooled, these are grouped in a row and put on drag and drop 6 times.

Now you have but the numbers 59-00 reinschreiben once. Then render out the movie.

With the minutes you verfährst well.

Then, the hours, days, weeks, months, years :-) Well, so far probably will not come. ;-)

Those films you put then turn to the timeline. It then looks bsw. like this: In the second track is the film with the minutes - say 10 minutes. In the first track is then 10 times in a row, the film with the second. For the second track you have the effect "black box" applications.
You'll may have to move on the X-axis the numbers of the two tracks to today's looks so nice.

And you've got your time code. With the level numbers that would then run like ...

The project files you save from s.besten, so you can always make slight adjustments of any kind.


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