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Frage von Commanderjanke:

Hello dear community,

I wanted to ask for your workflow to provide the best quality in the final product of your VDSLR works to get. The Sufu has brought me nothing and synonymous Google does not convince me as real. Following settings: Filming is 1920 x 1080 @ 25 with the Canon EOS 550D. CS4 is cut with Premiere. Output is on Bluray and DVD.

My questions: What it invests in Project Premiere?

Which codec should be used to cut all too well in CS4?

The codecs / settings do you use for best results on Bluray / DVD achieved?

How do I mix my XHA1 s.besten videos (HDV 1440 x 1080 anamorphic) with the pictures of the 550D on a timeline?

You see ask questions about. I am happy with any tip, if someone tutorials or literature / learning-DVD 's to know the topic always offer.

Greetings from the Commander


Antwort von eXp:

I would rather use the site s.deine 24p (23.976) of 550.
Especially since you are planning synonymous to govern the whole Blu-ray.

And a PAL speedup, in my view makes for better than to come of 25p to 24p. Unless you want to create a 50i Blu-ray.

The other questions I can not say anything because I do not work with Premiere.



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