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Frage von auric1979:


I'm new here in the forum had little experience with the issue of un VHS capturing.

I would like to dub in the old VHS tape to DVD. When I use a device interface Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro adapter. To these I have connected my old VCR via composite cables. So far I have my video with Virtual Dub can capture 1.9, unkompremiert at a resolution of 720 x 576 The AVI while the herausgekommt, is it great for an hour about 80 GB.

This in turn had (I with TMPGENC Authoring Works 4 burned to a DVD, DVD-R Verbatim blank). In the settings I chose progressive, frame rate 25, Aspect Ratio 4:3. Otherwise, I have left everything as it is.

When I finished DVD in a DVD player now s.Television regard, it is striking that the Picture of rapid jerky movements, or flickers.
But if the picture quality is fine.

Has anyone any idea what I might have done wrong? Respectively. how to do it right (; other tool, settings, etc.)

Many thanks already times in advance!


Antwort von JMS Productions:

"auric1979" wrote: In the settings I chose progressive, frame rate 25, Aspect Ratio 4:3. Otherwise, I have left everything as it is.

Why did you Progressive (; = fullscreen elected)? For a VideoDVD which you want to view s.Television must be interlaced, so select fields. Normally you would need to "Lower Field First" (; or select Bottom Field First), which is well known that arises when panning judder. Therefore, contrary to the apparent standard pick "Upper Field First" (; Top Field First).

There can (; but it must have not located).


Antwort von auric1979:


Thanks for the quick help. Has worked very well. Now it is no longer jerky!

But: That "hooks" are now in a different way. The film will stand in between and running in about 2 seconds Clock Picture) for Picture next (; almost like a slideshow with no transitions. The next sound is running normally. S.zwei it had tried various DVD players, both times same result.

Is this synonymous someone an idea?

Thank you very much!

PS: I've seen grad, that the hook "(" synonymous files on the DVD, VOB) occurs at the calculator. So there's probably nothing to do with the DVD player or the burn settings.

If anyone knows what to do, please give bescheid! Thank you!


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