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VHS Capture fehlerhaft - Ursache unklar...

VHS Capture error - cause unknown ...

Frage von ützelbrütz:
Juli 2009


I want to save some video tapes on CD, but get no reasonable Picture. I've tried everything possible, but I find the problem. I hope you can help me.

The following error I have already ruled out
- The tape: the picture is displayed on the television (; VHS perfectly appropriate).
- The Kabelei: with the same output cables to the tv. (); Out Scart to RCA / S-video. Television, VCR and PC directly related to each other. Interference from other cables etc are synonymous ausgesclossen.
- Input Device: I have - synonymous earlier and because successful - 9600th of my graphics card gecapturet an NVidia VIVO In order to avoid any mistake there, I have even bought a USB capture solution. As a result, I have the same bad picture.

So it can only be s.Calculator even lie. But how can I stop it?

Picture this: it is much brighter and seemingly weaker in color than the original and "to be diagonal stripes. The test image of the video recorder is as pure blue. In the PC the whole appear bright purple ...

Also, the monitor settings are correct. DVD burned the Picture s.Television synonymous appear again as it has been approved on the PC monitor.

I have with the new capture part synonymous several Einstellmöglchkeiten. had been wrong with PAL settings, but it is expected to PAL (; (amending Untereinstellungen, PAL-B, PAL-G ,...) does not change)

How can it be? What I lack the correct picture? 'm Really puzzled ... : (;

many thanks

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


Picture this: it is much brighter and weaker in color than the original

That sounds like a missing terminator. What is the Kabelei? Has an output graphics card? Then you should finish it.



Antwort von markus.klein:

Hello good morning ützelbütz tomorrow Lutz,

The VCR has a built-in TBC?

Antwort von thos-berlin:

A lack of TB may make are usually noticeable by dropouts. Permanently false colors are new to me in the context ...

Antwort von ützelbrütz:

Hello s.alle,

Edit grateful for it.

s.Videorecorder I use the scart output. It sets out a times (; switched on out), the white on red cinch audio, s-video and RCA video converted. on's Picture I use the s-video output.

- (For the current version, USB-grabber), I have s.dem device s-video-in.
- For the version of the graphics card, there's an extra cable for this card. is similar to this: http://pclab.pl/zdjecia/artykuly/pila/fx5700_vs_9600xt/sparkle5700u-kabelVIVO.jpg (; on the one hand, a separate plug for the graphic cards, on the other 4 aste. 2 for 1 and 2 for the out, each 1x cinch and 1x s-video. when I have the out's Contrary to the image male / plug. the unused uests hang naturally in the air (but they did formerly synonymous and I think I have to get better pictures)

s.der grafikkarte both outputs (; dvi and analog) are assigned, I have 2 monitors.

what is (-a) TBC?

Many thanks schonmal

Antwort von JMS Productions:

"ützelbrütz" wrote:
on's Picture I use the s-video output.

Why do you use the S-video output? However, where the playback device to a SVHS recorder? Then the output is correct. But if there is a standard VHS machine, with which one can not play SVHS tapes, the S-Video Output 0 significance. Maybe you think synonymous, like many others, S-Video makes the picture better, so we use the stop, which is not true. The picture will only get better by S-video, if the recorder synonymous an S-VHS signal can submit. For normal VHS devices, use the composite (Male, yellow), white, red. Whether that thy distorted color problem is solved, I can not say that, normally when using the S-Video cable to a VHS recorder, the picture only in black and white. Damage may not always there but when you develop composite benutzst-Male. (; Useful tuts nix anyway, if you at VHS S-Video devices already use times)

"ützelbrütz" wrote:
for the version of the graphics card, there's an extra cable for this card.

Also here is my tip: The transmission of video signals is a graphics card is not generally recommended. A graphics card you use is to represent your image contents of the PC, or for (; as we say today? Zogger) ", but are not to digitize these maps to 99% of cases, satisfactory. It is through the use of a graphics card as a hardware encoder leads to such problems as of you described. It can also synonymous relatively quickly come to asynchronicities between picture and sound, because the sound is recorded on the sound card, but the Picture on the graphics card. Thus Picture and Sound for digitization of each community must be separated and are zusammengebündelt afterwards. In this process, generate the highest asynchronicities.

Tip: Read your views accurately and sincerely Markus' useful contribution to the digitization of analog (; VHS, record, cassette, ie everything that is not digital: D) material by:

http://forum.slashcam.de/viewtopic.php?p=150341 # 150,341

And that is just as important: http://www.videoforum.de/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=camcorder&action=display&num=1118930406&start=&SID =

There is synonymous explains why graphics cards is not particularly suited for your project and alternatives are called ...

"ützelbrütz" wrote:
what is (-a) TBC?

TBC stands for "Timebase Corrector. It stabilizes the picture, and thus resembles asynchronicities and Bildzittern, etc from.


Antwort von ützelbrütz:

Many thanks to JMS,

the s-video output I use, because I have read repeatedly that the quality of the separate veins should be better. But no preference as, synonymous with the cinch, I've tested and get the same result.

ammeisten what surprises me is that I almost 2 years before time could capture video properly on the Graphic card .... can not lie about s.ein bßchen more ram, or s.irendwelchen codecs or something??


Antwort von thos-berlin:

So let us summarize briefly and hope that I have understood everything correctly:

Both the capturing of the graphics card, as synonymous on the "Capture-part" ubefriedigende give the same result.

The burned DVDs show s.Television (;!), The same unsatisfactory picture as s.PC was seen.

The capturing went to an earlier time s.gleichen PC with a better quality.

Both composite - as synonymous S-Video connectors deliver the same result.

On television there is playing the VHS is no "false".

Thus, it seems to me the VCR, the cable and the capture devices "unschludig. How do you even write a post office receipt, 'seems to be the culprit of the PC. I would share this view.

What was veändert since the last successful capturing s.PC?
More RAM will not cause such effects, other codes could even influence the quality.

Can you choose when capturing the codec?

Do you have the opportunity of capturing the (; test basis) to another PC to do?

Antwort von ützelbrütz:

thos-berlin hello, hello, lutz, halo jms,

yes exactly how it looks.

s.einem test the other computer, I can not on the fast unfortunately.

since the last successful capture, I have determined the computer 2-3 times made from scratch. more main memory I have not installed. I meant it more that besdingt by other software may be less than they used to ram is available. would you have such an influential. or, there'd be not just suspended??

a codec selection, I have not found. I can only between PAL, SECAM and NTSC? account could choose jewahls with various subtypes, which I did not differentiate the. to save, I could choose between mpeg1 and 2nd no more.

sounds as if this is not only s.meiner naivety ...!?

Thank schonmal

Antwort von pilskopf:

Have you now have a S video player or not? Maybe I've skipped it synonymous. For S-Video Color and brightness separately as far as I can Errinnern me. S-video is often lighter (than composite, yellow times). But synonymous sharper BUT you can not spend more than the S-VHS video input, although it comes a picture but this is B & W, has comic strips, and therefore completely useless. So if you have a normal VHS player, you can capture only about RCA.

And if you have an S-video player, but recorded in a normal VHS cassette playback, you know where can I capture just about synonymous composite. So, S-video outputs for S-video cassettes recorded use. Now, on a normal VHS, you can stop with S-video to start anything.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

And if you have an S-video player, but recorded in a normal VHS cassette playback, you know where can I capture just about synonymous composite. So, S-video outputs for S-video cassettes recorded use. Now, on a normal VHS, you can stop with S-video to start anything.

It may be s.meinem Recorder (; Panasonic HS900, HS950, HS1000), but I can picture a normal VHS tapes very well sS-Video output (; me synonymous and can not imagine that other brands of black at the S-Video is because a VHS tape is played).

In addition, the Thredstarter had written that he is synonymous with CVBS (; has tried yellow RCA connector). Thus, synonymous different cables come to use, not ruled synonymous well as errors.

Picture this: it is much brighter and seemingly weaker in color than the original and "to be diagonal stripes. The test image of the video recorder is as pure blue. In the PC the whole appear bright purple ...

The S-video picture is indeed synonymous with me a little brighter, but there are no color distortions and horizontal stripes.

The Picture s.Television of Thredstarter is considered correct.

Since two capture Geraerts were tried with the same result (; graphics card and external hardware), they can not even be the cause. Since the direct playback of video recorders synonymous resigns, remains for me initially, only the "rest-PC". However, as very difficult for me a remote diagnosis.

But s.end my thoughts just come to a new. This again puts the recorder into focus.

Subject to all the tapes? Are they self-recorded cassettes or purchase?

For example, the copy Marcorvision "destroyed" the sync pulses, but so minimal that the Television (; correct reflection because of its "technical goodness"), the Picture, but copies will be unsightly. The capturing it works not synonymous.

Even without copy protection: Perhaps the sync pulses of the tapes can not be read properly because they are so old, or the recorder is adjusted is quite minimal (; Verschutzung of heads or light?). So minimal that it not come to misfire, but the picture is disturbed anyway.

Do you have the possibility of one other video source analog (for capturing, video camera - analog output! - Or DVD player - no matter what, but just another device!). The aim is to determine only whether Nocht but maybe the recorder is the cause.

Are these OK-recordings, then it might be the recorder. In this case, try a different (; loan from an acquaintance), or on loan if required, a TBC.

Antwort von ützelbrütz:

hello pilskopf,

No, I have a perfectly ordinary vhs-Recorder. but since I scart output on the go - and do not have a s-video/s-vhs-buchse - I have no S-VHS signal but only a cable that transmits the veins of the infos scart jack synonymous individual - and thus smoother, or? but this is but the signal that outputs what the recorder via scart. Finally, the result is indeed synonymous with transmission via cinch 100% the same.

So it should still have no influence, right? `


Antwort von ützelbrütz:

Hello thos,

Thank you for your intensive efforts. I'm going to try to use another video recorder. I would have because some have somewhere in the basement: (;

As for the tapes I've tried it with several. All of them are even included (; original source partly TV, partly Camera). In all, the quality is (similar to bad; farbblaß, too bright) and streaky.

I have (in addition, with the same Kabelei; Scart Male with two types of cable synonymous) times brought my DVD player as the source. As I am sure that it can no longer be s.tape. But since I get no real picture. That is totally versprungen, as when man used to be a TV analog signal was very weak. The individual lines jump back and forth ever so that s.den edges creates a lot of black and one can detect a very distorted picture.
Is hard to describe, but I hope you know what I mean. Is there perhaps even hints??


Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you are with the DVD player and have already tried (the same result, or even nochschlechter) occurs, then you can give you good attempt with the other Videorecrder.

Is there anything that s.Television when you play is different than when capturing? A different scart cable?

My ideas are now unfortunately s.end ...

Antwort von pilskopf:

Ok, how about if we push it on the software with which you capture? Use virtual dub you?

Antwort von ützelbrütz:

Hello all together,

synonymous, I have several softwares (, what is the plural of software? tried). on the supplied usb-grabber was "InterVideo WinDVR" And I'm me now time an virtualdub (; taken mod).

with virtualdub, I noticed that there are different since enzeiogemodi. the setting "overlay", which is by default the picture flickers. htmlTOC.html image, sometimes black. where the images are synonymous horizontally striped. because there are no fields? when I click "preview" in places I have only a black picture ...

I've made you a little time video:
- First VDub with the suspensions and black image
- Then (the striate visual; of the colors but grad relatively okay, are almost synonymous white scenes.
- S.end again the really plain royal blue screen of false recorders in.

Perhaps that can still be something interesting ...

gruß & thanks

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