Infoseite // VHS to DVD with Pinnacle and then 9 Edit

Frage von Hanspeter Böhi:

Hello together. Since the days of roll I have a problem on DVD and VHS with
Pinnagle 9 Edit (cut) In a recorder, in VHS, I left DVD VHS Video 1 to 1 on DVD + R plays. I can understand the movie on your PC view. The DVD contains Video RM and Video TS
But now is financial. Can someone tell me how I am with the movie
Pinnacle 9 Edit it? Do I still need a hardware or do I need to modify the files? Hampi greeting [/ b]


Antwort von PowerMac:

What a sensible person elected!


Antwort von Markus:

"PowerMac" wrote: What a sensible person elected!
Already changed. :-)
by moderator


Antwort von rodi:

if you Pi Studio 9, version 4.3, you can directly into a DVD Studio import and then edit.



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