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Frage von punkt:

I'm trying since a few days, a VHS video to my PC to get. I have the Aldi PC March 2005 with the TV card (Medion saa7134) and got my video front with the elves, red and white plug. At the other end of the cable is switchable scart times and they are on out.
Now I have with various programs try to picture and sound to get. With PowerCinema, VirtualDub and Nero6 (Nero Vision Express), the video never realized you can never arrive at composite or switch. I hope you understand what I mean?
The einizge program that worked somewhat was DScaler. Since I had a picture but no sound. About the website, I then found out that DScaler is not with the TV card is clear.
Now I do not know more next. Kann mir da jemand help and knows a software with which it could work? Will not big yet to buy a program, so I would be a free software s.liebsten.
Thanks in advance

LG punkt


Antwort von thos-berlin:

What the manual says about the problem? Possibly. ask for the support.

The recorder itself can not be detected because it s.die analog card. The calculator accepts all that is if the TV card.

In general, these TV cards supplied "TV and video software. Only with this card is the controllable and videos are recordable, and synonymous only in the format that the software claims. With other programs, such cards do not work together.

Only video hardware that is on the digital Firewire interface, it is possible with different software products work together, because this interface is standardized. This is for your case, however, interesting .....


Antwort von punkt:

What is the manual, the program shows to me never arrived. No clue why.
When the PC was PowerCinema here. In older versions so you could record videos, but in the version 4.0 no longer work. That's why I thought that perhaps there are other programs to the video on the PC to get.


Antwort von Eggerd:

Read times in the forum about the problem VHS CAPTURE CARD ON TV.
As you will find page-long essays with lots of problems.
If you do not want to spend money, you borrow somewhere an AD converter via firewire and go into the calculator. You could synonymous, the time you need for your problem, go to work. Then you can give you a purchase synonymous.
mfg Eggerder


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