Infoseite // VHS via S-Video to PC: why B / W

Frage von Alina:

Why is the transfer of VHS (via Scart Cable) with S-video for pc black white?
carte capture: Pinnacle PCTR 5 SE
System: Windows XP pro

Thanks for a tip



Antwort von StefanS:

Because the VHS recorder only a composite signal surrender and no S-video signal



Antwort von mauskater:

I have 3 VHS machines.
1 is very old (no longer available due to mechanical problems) - returns the Color performanceauf the PC (Hauppauge TV satellite map).
2 are new and delivered only in S / W on the PC.
Each cable is identical: Scart / out Video-in.

Guarantees the use of analog-digital converters or video grave Stern, that the video in Color s.PC arrives?


Antwort von Markus:

"cat mouse" wrote: Guarantees the use of analog-digital converters or video grave Stern, that the video in Color s.PC arrives?
No, because if the connection between the VCR and A / D converter is wrong, then already s.Wandler only one b / w signal - and thus synonymous only one b / w Picture s.PC.

Again and again scart adapter s.einen VHS recorder and then we go next via Y / C cable to the next device. And that is the sticking point: The fact that the Scart adapter Y / C connector has mistaken the fact that the VHS recorder no Y / C signal.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Markus, in this case, it seems to me exactly the opposite ;-) The old VHS delivers color, not the new.

As the old recorder provides an accurate color, the other two (I suspect with the same scart cable) is only a black-and-white picture, it might be that the two new recorder YC (S-video) signal to Scart Male to spend. Then a second Kabelader for the color used for the graphics card s.der "in emptiness" is, therefore, the picture black and white. Check it once in the instruction manuals of the two newer recorder, whether the terminal of Scart S-Video to "normal" video (CVBS) switch. Perhaps that is the solution.

What are AD converters, which dominate both types of connection, but you have to adjust. The result is a Firewire (DV connector, iLink, IEEE1394)-signal, which can easily be related s.den computers can connect. For the DV-amateur sector, there is no mE quallitativ better connection, since the data in the 1:1 Calculator transferred. There is to store 12-13 GB per hour, but any popular Schnittporgramm with Firewire can circumvent dhussynonymous directly capturing.


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