Infoseite // VHS videos on a PC (but only SCART and antenna output s.Videorecorder)

Frage von rodarbal:


I have me in November 2005 the ALDI-PC with multimedia bells and whistles and would like to buy my analog VHS-burn videos to DVD.

Problem: The VCR only has a SCART output and an antenna. The Aldi-PC but will either Firewire (works fine with the digital camera) or RCA. There is of SCART to RCA adapter?



Antwort von Stefan:

Yes, there are around 10 euros. But right on - there are those only for the PC to VCR signal direction, which is only for the direction VCR to PC and reversible. Get a switchable!

Good luck
The fat stefan


Antwort von Rodarbal:

Thank you!

I bought me a switchable adapter plus cables and set to OUT. Following s.Euro AV1 on the VCR and RCA jacks times in the s.PC. VCR set to channel AV1.

But the PC shows nothing, if I synonymous with the Software (Cyberlink PowerDirector of default, of the channels on your PC Medion up) and go down. What can I do?



Antwort von Markus:

"Rodarbal" wrote: ... set to OUT. [...] What can I do?
Well it is simple: provide Scart plug to IN. ;-)

The issue is not explained with a set Scart ...


Antwort von MiXMaster:

First things first: With another program (power producer), I can see the videos! Thanks for the tip with the switch!

(I made the switch to IN, but the screen stays black. On TV, however, the PRC works normally.
Connected to the PC, he brings in the display "PLAY" changes briefly to "A._RCK" and then come only "--:--"
But with the program PowerDirector he understands probably not!)


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