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Frage von big-daddy5:

hello friends,

I would like to welcome advice.
I'm looking for a video light that is that 5 to 8 hours non stop in the operation should run because I möchet take on events. I do not know about me sooo good. but I have heard that the lamp with ventilation must be present.

Unfortunately I have not found the right device. I have a Canon XHA1

can I possibly looking for someone in to help.



Antwort von Bernd E.:

I suppose you are looking for a head light for mounting on the camera, nogrößere light, you would use a separate light stand? Either way you will, but such a long term non-stop only get a network connection. If it's five seconds in between times can be dark, because you change the battery, this is however not a problem.
A few more details would be but still quite good: Should it be a halogen lamp or LED in question would be synonymous? Want to light up more area or Torklappen should be in place to limit the light? And above all: In what price range you are looking for?


Antwort von big-daddy5:

so just head light would be perfect. noseparates light stand!

Halogen lamp or LED? good question. I know because unfortunately synonymous micht not look it. It is important to me zuhaben strong light.

I think with torklappen would come for me to ask.

So I myself am student I do not really have the big money. s.besten if it is found in around 100 .- ¬ what could be optimally


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Big-daddy5" wrote: ... To me it is important zuhaben strong light ... around 100 ¬ ...
When it comes to sheer power you have halogen lights are still ahead, but you should have the necessary light output over-estimate synonymous. With a head light is lit so not a whole room, but rather a few people, perhaps two meters in front of the camera. Since a strong light would dazzle.
An exact model I can recommend unfortunately not synonymous and I do not know whether it is in the targeted price range in general is something Recommended - especially since you'd have to be synonymous still pretty neat to invest in heavy batteries. In the range up to 100 ¬ I would rather look at the Chinese LED lights (for example, with 160 LEDs), which are under various names and in different designs of many retailers offered, among other things on ebay. The light "Z96" in this class enjoys a very good reputation.


Antwort von soan:

For 100 ¬ you get used synonymous ne Sachtler 50 (head light) - Requires 12V battery power and has very good lighting ne. Do not hesitate a few details of your project, otherwise you can not help you hardly.


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