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Frage von Neue Weide:

Hello dear slashCAM professionals

because times have ne question regarding Life-VJ-ing with nem analog video signal.

So the following devices are available:
1. Camcorders - Canon EX1 with S-video output
2. Canopous ADVC 300 - with S-video input and firewire output
3. Laptop - HP with Firewire input and S-video output
4. Television with S-Video input (and possibly Beamer)

That's how I imagined the process:
1. The Canon will send an analog video signal converter of s.den DV Canopos via S-video.
2. The DV converter now captured the analog video signal and sends it via the Firewire interface digitally s.den laptop.
3. Over a VJ-ing software, the digital video signal for further processing is received and then use the S-video output s.Laptop s.einen Television and / or send digital projectors.

My problem:
1. I know of no VJ-ing software can accomplish so little.
2. Is the end at all so perfect??

I hope I have expressed myself clearly enough, and especially the one in this area and has clue can help me.

thank you very much


Antwort von Neue Weide:

I now own a very good but unfortunately not free VJ-ing tool found, with which you can import analog (of course with corresponding CT or card) and digital video signals LIVE.


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