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VJ rotary style "The new camera is online tutorial

Frage von Lutz Dieckmann:
Mai 2010


in our new tutorial relating to yours, we are dealing with the rotary style of the VJs, the video journalists. What must be considered? What are the tricks to the Picture of the contribution to make, the better? What is with light?

Questions are gladly answered in the thread. So quiet times to give a feedback, I welcome any discussion.


Lutz Dieckmann

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Solid knit just like always.

But small note - the term VJ has its actual origin from the disco scene.

Someone like Timothy Leary began early with throw until later slide projections with video projectors different images s.die wall of a "disco" and to accompany this with the appropriate music.
Even Andy Warhol and Velvet Underground have made such shows.

It is known as synonymous The Wall of Pink Floyd.

Following the then created on the Amiga / Commodore, the first animation, the "VJ" synonymous begun to use these at events
Quickly it was Visualizations have been involved in Programs such as Winamp or have been shown at techno raves.

kammen Only in modern times dan VJ s in ENG / EB field as a "genus".

B. DeKid

Antwort von Axel:

@ B. DeKid
Are you sure concerning Timothy Leary as a forefather of the VJ DJs? There's this one source?
@ Lutz
Yes, yes, the still images. The wobbling when interviewing your assistant is rightly a deterrent. This is synonymous but for the good images from the Auto Salon. Both extremes, I have a 4 year old thread once characterized as follows:
Who are the decoration and who is bored with games moving camera, zoom and pan seem to be the salvation that is to apply as a cameraman for the hosts of MTV, the Barf Bag is made from the transmitter. Who's afraid to move the tripod camera on the spot, because that might look unmotivated, expects a job at QVC (dogs are leash in front of the studio, the growling of the spoils in the garnet brooches recordings).

... and, from the "top-six errors in the beginners video films":
1) Thou shalt not shake
But I say, "Blessed are the gentle shake synonymous with action scenes or in very emotional moments - see the very exciting work of Rodrigo Prieto (Amores Perros, 21 grams). Shaking may just be an oversight.

Particularly elegant looking camera work is now no more static (time out looking for your favorite commercials on YouTube and check for it!). However, it does not look as if VJ Udo Knarz a JVC Mini Cam swings through the pedestrian zone, but as if the eyes of a giant slide over a doll ....

Antwort von domain:

"Axel" wrote:

.... but as if the eyes of a giant slide over a doll ....

The master in this respect was probably Georg Riha, who had to register but unfortunately bankruptcy in 2009. Frankly, camera movements as overriding design element are synonymous pretty boring:

However, can sporadically employed or short tracking shots already make an impression:

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Axel" wrote:
@ B. DeKid
Are you sure concerning Timothy Leary as a forefather of the VJ DJs? There's this one source?

Jaein ... So there are few books about NEN him the endorsement he has organized a very early stage with painted patterns and photographed on slide film talks / meetings / happenings.

Video and Film kammen course added later.

Arte da times had NEN beautiful documentary film shown on the subject where they have shown a unteranderm NY Black has by his acts Preformance virtually invented the term VJ. You will then have then tried to defenieren the origins and at some point
Leary and Warhol landed.

As I looked at that time because I knew no terms such as ENG / EB and flash-based cameras gabs at the time synonymous - yet there is still turned on BETA SP Cams ;-)

But such happy times I'll get out passages I have determined some NEN Book on / of him where that is mentioned.

So it sometimes interpret as a smattering OT post my hand, based on the term VJ, as it has to do with the post shown here to not really what ;-)

B. DeKid


Search via Google time for Him in connection with VJ or just Visualizations.

Antwort von Axel:

@ B. DeKid
Need anything rauzusuchen, you said it yourself so interpreted, probably rightly.
@ Domain: Did not Riha nor the camcorder kamikaze, something rather unspectacular at first glance, as in the trailer for something much, much Unspektakuläreres a advertisement. Anyone who finds a tripod-commercial (not: You want it synonymous or cash for your gold teeth), may keep it.

Antwort von pilskopf:

I combine VJ synonymous with only a little to the people who perform live in an exhibition or just disco then a video projector or even scrap together gesnippeltes video loop and throw s.die wall and just make video collages.

Antwort von domain:

@ Axel
Yes so unspectacular a slight hesitation, which the eye can follow is probably a good mediocrity: a still life shooting situation suggestive, but to the eye in the truest sense of the word, yet easy to understand.
Thus actually see almost all my videos of my no rotatable Monopod (including 2D video head) from filmed. Might be synonymous one tip for Lutz, this recording to devote time closer.
With a floating tripod comes with me then sometimes even "sea state added," which is synonymous to simulate high and dry very easily if you are not a professional. Even the eye can follow the more easily if synonymous with question mark in my brain :-)
In one you have to give, but Lutz certainly right: for the rest of the eye and to the outgoing line and focus on essential one fixed camera position has been recommended frequently. Not everything has to be always on the move and the down and back and is more often synonymous for the Camera.

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