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VOB Editing / Sony Vegas

Frage von polan romanski:
April 2009

Hi folks,


My mission is to provide a best-of-excerpt from Trailer zusammenzuschneiden many shorts that are at different (with different authoring programs) (self-) DVDs are created.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 can start with VOBs nix. Sony Vegas 7.0 recognizes the VOB format. The approximately 10 short films (including meal) per DVD, however, are 3-5 in VOB files distributed (then called VTS_01_1.VOB to VTS_01_5.VOB) and part is the cut in the middle of the film. The real problem is that the films (although they have several players normally can be viewed) in Sony Vegas sometime cancel completely arbitrary and simply in a new film "override" (beginning and end are often not on it) - also are video and audio track is not synchronously, ie the sound of Film1 runs, while long since (early) the Picture of Film2 to see. How should I ask to work?


Do I have to VOBs somehow umcodieren them to edit pages? I would prefer even a Bearbeitungmit Premiere ... (Tip of the VOBS simply rename MPGS has nothing). I need picture / sound synchronously and especially from ALLEN Shooting ...

Who can help me?

Thanks in advance, ever ...


PS: The recommendation read somewhere, especially with all the Vegas MPEG2 / VOB files to an intra-frame codec to encode (eg DV, Huffyuv, etc) and this will be cut, I do not understand. What is called intra-frame code, what is Huffyuv? Should I do this? How and with what program do I s.besten? 'm Still not so firm and would be grateful for clarification ...

Antwort von tommyb:

MPEG2 files into Vegas to cut is generally not recommended. What can you get, you have even seen.

The best way to go you can be with these programs:

Vstrip & DVD2AVI GUI (there's the GordianKnot Rippack)
Lagarith GordianKnot Rippack)

The intallieren please all synonymous and all the DVDs on the hard drive pull. Next in the program:

VOB files to prepare
1. GordianKnot Go into the directory and run "vStrip_gui.exe"
2. When "1 Input" You draw the appropriate VOB files inside. These files must be 1-9 or the like have. 0 may not be pure!
3. When "2 IFO" must be a purely IFO file (similar name as the VOBs you have lying)
4. You should already timecode
or GordianKnot Rippack)
the total playing time of each video in the VOBs appear. Click on the desired video with the right mouse button and select "Set Start & End LBA"
5. Go now to "3 Output" and choose a location for the new VOB file.
6. Click RUN and wait.

So you need to proceed with all the shooting.

VOB files and demux index
1. And start from the directory the program GordianKnot "DVD2AVI".
2. Perhaps you need to "Field Operations" for a hacker to "None" set.
3. In "Audio -> Output Method" you need to "demux all tracks"
option GordianKnot Rippack)

4. Go to "File -> Save AVI
5. Choose a codec from Lagarith, click "Configure" and make one for mincing "Enable Null Frames" and "Use multithreading" if you have a dual, triple or quad Calculator uses.
6. Fashion should be on stand YV12.
7. Click on OK and then DVD2AVI save your movie as an AVI file.

The audio track is in this case as a separate AC3 or similar in the same directory loaded. That is, if you all in Vegas purely throw, you have to be very s.Anfang the video and audio tracks synchronized. Usually it is enough if both start at the same time. Then press the "G" button in Vegas as well as audio and video are combined to form a group and hang together.

I would in such cases always Lagarith use, because it compresses quite well in contrast to Huffyuv. The only disadvantage is that the system in which things are handled a little more synonymous should be. If it should fail s.der speed, then just try to be Huffyuv. Both codecs are lossless.

Personally however, I use XviD with HQ settings. Ie, small I-frame interval, no B-frames and no synonymous Adaptive Optimization. This results in a well-editable file with smaller size.

Antwort von polan romanski:

Wow. Thanks for the quick help!

Werd's try the same tomorrow ...
If I still had questions, I would report again tomorrow ...!


Antwort von polan romanski:

Hello again,

So: Step 1 (VOB files to prepare) has worked beautifully, now I'm at step 2 (VOB files demuxer and index):

1. I have no directory GordianKnot in DVD2AVI found - so I've downloaded DVD2AVI 1.77.4. Procedure, I went as follows: in the first DVD2AVI (prepared) VOB files opened (although there's a file window will open - I have the rest of VOBs in the same folder does not geadded but deleted (strangely is the color scheme of Vista amended). Field Operation "None" and Audio Output Method "Demux all tracks" -> then synonymous SAVE AVI> for compression program is "CineForm HD Codec V2.5" / "No re-compression" and "Full frames (uncompressed)" to Choice - not an option to "Lagarith" despite the fact GordianKnot directory would be available. Can it be that I DVD2AVI voted in the wrong folder? Can any rate, not the codec Lagarith back (to configure it only as a result of CineForm HD Codec V2 .5 - and the AVI will be created by VLC player not detected.

2. I now proceed as follows: that the (isolated) VOBs directly imported into Vegas and as AVIs rausgerendert. Revealed to me by any disadvantages? If this is also lossless? Could so far represent no quality loss ... Besides the AVI_Datei was still a ... avi.sfl file is created - this is a Vegas Project File? What information will be stored below?

Many, many thanks in advance to any event here, you really helped ...



Antwort von tommyb:

1. If you downloaded Lagarith you need to install the codec synonymous.


Thus, it should go. Alternatively you can download it here:

Unpacking and the INF file then right click, select Install. Then the codec should be synonymous in the list appear.

2. No, not in theory. However, sometimes a little Vegas in confusion when the MPEG2 video stream in the VOB file is called with open GOPs (Group of pictures) has been encoded.

DVD2AVI can be a bit better, therefore, of the way through Vegas is not recommended.

The avi.sfl file contains information such as the soundtrack in the file.

Antwort von polan romanski:

Hello again,

which has worked with Lagarith, the codec will be recognized. All extent complied. Very good. The problem is:

1) The VLC player plays AVI did not (Why not? Detects the VLC codec Lagarith some not?). The media player already, but without any sound (synonymous in Vegas: no sound track). Do not synonymous "Sound File" discover (neither avi.sfl nor ac3) can. Do I still was in the note DVD2AVI audio settings? "48 -> 44.1 KHz" is on my Off, output method is to demux all Trax MPA AC3 DCS (and stands for Audio: Linear PCM)

2) Oh, Nochwas: For my second test (short duration: about 13 min.) DVD2AVI has the VOB AVI split in two. Even that is not in my senses. Can it be that the Proramm VOBs s.einer certain length splits?

Thankfully, however, still a bit puzzled ...



Antwort von tommyb:

1. That could well be in VLC, because the attacks on its own codec library back (and there is one Lagarith certainly not).

If you miss the big new VOB file in VLC to play, then the sound should come. If not, then something went wrong with vStrip. Normally, the sound, however, accepted as normal.

The settings of DVD2AVI audio for me are below:

Track Number -> Track 1
Output Method -> Demux All Tracks

If you have time while a VOB file is loaded by pressing the F5 button, then this small status window will appear. There is an area that is called AUDIO. And if I have understood you correctly, then there is in FORMAT "Linear PCM"? This is sometimes good.

Normally, all Tonspurformate, no preference whether MPA AC3 DTS or PCM demuxt, it should at least according to the settings. Perhaps the soundtrack lies somewhere in the rum. Review due.

Otherwise: Try it once when OUTPUT METHOD "Decode to WAV" to select.

The AVI file that you create in this way does not include audio track. This is pure video. The audio track will be as a single file into the same folder under a similar name stored (and with the extension. Ac3. Dts. Wav. Mpa or similar).

2. This is normal and the file was probably either at 4GB or 2GB parts. If s.den old limitations of FAT32. DVD2AVI is synonymous somewhat older.

Antwort von polan romanski:

Well thank you, the advice it a try.

Now I have another question: is one of the short films in divx format, which Adobe Premiere does not recognize. Are there ways to divx file back into a normal AVI format due / umzucodieren?

Thank you for your troubles, I'm really excited ...! ;)



PS: I do not think that the "split" s.fat32 format is. so big are the files that do not ... everything else werd ich morgen mal debug ...

Antwort von tommyb:

Now I have another question: is one of the short films in divx format, which Adobe Premiere does not recognize. Are there ways to divx file back into a normal AVI format due / umzucodieren?

Depending on how the DivX encoded file, then edit this file to a small tests of endurance for your nerves;)

Instaliram you like ffdshow. Da Vegas in dieser Sache sehr flexibel ist and die Videocodecs of Windows nutzt, kannst Du dann die DivX-AVI-Files direkt in die Timeline werfen. Wenn Du dann aber schneidest and feststellst, dass das Programm beim Springen zwischen den einzelnen Bildern erstmal 3 Sekunden nachdenken musst, dann empfehle ich Dir


ffdshow then you should install on each case. The procedure would be as follows:

1. Open VirtualDub and AVI file purely throw
2. On Video -> Compression and then go to the Codec select Lagarith
3. For audio "Full Processing Mode" box.

Now only the AVI file to disk. This is the first soundtrack of the AVI file to uncompressed PCM umcodiert. The video track is also Lagarith, just like your other videos.

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