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Velbon Stativ CX-686 oder DV-7000

Velbon Tripod CX-686 or DV -7000

Frage von Joey_Moose:
Juli 2007


I have recently increased the Panasonic GS320 and now looking for a suitable video Tripod. The Forum (praise - has given me so far to some important decisions and negotiations info!) Is the Velbon DV -7000 yes seems particularly praised and with about 100 euros the "professional" for that price to be. However, it is synonymous with 3.5 n.recht difficult, the CX-686 has the same 2D video head PH-368 and the same quick release plate, weighs only 2 kg, the size is roughly comparable. Cost point. about 50 euro

Since there is me the question: is the (what?) Greater stability of 7000 are nearly twice the price worth it? Please do not misunderstand - who buys scrap (Cheap Hama Tripod etc.) always buys twice .... but for a marginal difference, I would not pay twice. Stable state is but happens to be the basic function that should always be met - unfortunately I have none of the abern Tripods seen live.

So Who has experience with both and can give me tips?
Thanks already times in advance,

Antwort von Jörg:

Hi Moose Canada
I've now extended the first test with my Velbon 7000 shooting at the Swedish moose spent. In fact, the part is hard.
This was not just my upper unterdimensionierten permanently confirmed. Together with the Cam are around 5 pounds, which is impassable terrain .....
For stability: there is here some negative remarks. All you can relativise, something will always happen. I prefer to stop the Velbon floor and not from me then do it, to notice that the legs 5 cm apart .... there has been no halt spider. Setting friction is usually perfectly possible, at least if you look a little trouble there.
Whether the head of a real fluid head is ... I would not argue. Fat is definitely enough there.
Also missing me every Beretschaft on "professional or consumer" to lament. The part will cost hundreds of NEN, is fabulously processed.
As always, there are better and worse.
My tip: As always, the dealer and try to march. I would now take the lighter, if my claims s.die stability would be fulfilled.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Swedish moose synonymous find ich gut: o)

A visit to the dealer I would certainly help, provided he has the parts in the range - but mostly it's rather then the more expensive Manfrotto & Co., while the media market, etc. just scrap Hama rumsteht ...

The question remains, will the light the CX with what filmmakers need a hobby or worth the extra cost (and the additional weight ...)?

Greetings from Moose): o)

Antwort von Jörg:

Still call the image of your surroundings Porst Dealers an.Da hab ichs views.

Antwort von scream:

I do not believe that DV -7000 is currently available anywhere. And will probably still last until Germany gets a delivery.

Now what are the DV -7000: I'm with the more than satisfied. The weight, well .. I can only agree Jörg;)

Antwort von Jan:

Yes Jobo (Velbon supplier) has great difficulty with the delivery Bestsellers DV 7000th


Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Apparently, neither the -7000 nor DV CX-686 is currently available somewhere ...
Weia Au ... need it in about 3 weeks.

Antwort von scream:

686 allegedly s.Lager

Can so try your luck today and cash on delivery orders. If no question of the week arrives, cancel the order.

Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Hmmm ...
Can anyone else what the "substructure" of the 686 say?

Antwort von scream:

None is likely to or have a little ..

Also you have 14 days right of return.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"scream" wrote:
Allegedly s.Lager ... 686 ...

The same supplier has synonymous DV -7000 "s.Lager available.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Had even the dealer NEN 7000 offers found (whether it's really in stock ...?)
Pokere probably still a little bit and hope the 686 for 50 euros including shipping to grab ... bar then I have a Wide Angle essay ... The small field of view of the GS320 nervt quite violently when shooting in the narrow spaces ... but this is probably another matter.

Otherwise, thanks for the tips - and even if someone is a statement bzgw. Comparison of the tripod can do: Every time welcome!

Antwort von Peter06:

know both, would clearly (if more expensive synonymous), the dv 7000 will.
both have the same swivel head (ph-368) but the dv7000 is much more stable!

good photos here of 686er:

photos from 7000 can be found on my blog.

Antwort von Jan:

Yes, I would be synonymous to the DV 7000, many of Tripods in the lower class are just made cheap plastic - synonymous important parts where what moves - plastic on plastic - that does not hold so well in the long run.

Well for just 3.4 kg, but you have to first, although my main tripod Manfrotto 525 is a lightweight DV 7000.

I think it is quite the question stability or weight - what is important to you? I have the DV 7000 for hiking mitgehabt - at some point you realize it .....


Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Sounds yes but after his relatively clear vote of confidence ...
What material is the 7000 as opposed to 686?

The question for me is: Does the 686 or the need for stability, I'm not much better than with so nem cheap media market plastic Folding, about which I myself later anyway annoyed - just no preference for whether it is fairly easy. ... actually thought that the 686 is a bit better than that fact that you always can get something better is clear.

I thought synonymous, the head makes a principal part of ....

Antwort von Peter06:

the upside benefit to you if nothing pans at the feet of twist.
I wanted to buy 686er the synonymous (as an addition to the dv7000). habs me in stores and viewed differently about me then.
The feet are made of alu dv7000, which has plastic feet 686er.
there is still synonymous of 586er and 480er Velbon -> but it is the same as the mist 686er, if all synonymous with bag delivered.

as a travel tripod for backpacking or so I would not recommend dv7000er, but it is too large.

photos from 7000 here:

Antwort von Joey_Moose:

Hi Peter,
Nice Blog! For you I have been synonymous with regard to leisure GS320 ...
Very informative!

Antwort von Joey_Moose:

So, have just ordered the 7000. Bin mal gespannt, whether it is truly synonymous in stock or if I wait in vain ....

Thanks s.alle, are helpful to me!

Antwort von Peter06:

Please. Hope for you on a quick delivery.

Antwort von Nacho:


can only confirm the election - today I have the cx-686 views, and while testing has been nearly the leverage kaputtgegangen. So the Internet DV -7000 ordered for ¬ 102.80, each additional euro worth!



Antwort von Joey_Moose:


'm from vacation (forgot the tripod there but it had not) back and just wanted my first experience - and just barely: the Tripod makes me a valent impression that a direct comparison to the cheaper 686, I have not, but I think of the extra cost is well justified. A concrete foundation is certainly stable, but for this price and weight class fulfills its job quite well. As a small drawback, I feel the spirit, in the normal state is not seen. Two different dragonflies for the horizontal alignment would be better. Also, the set screw for the Tilt is not optimal, because when tightening the verwindet recording and the camera image from the horizontal tilts. An optimal alignment (put into the water) can be used for time-task.
Otherwise: Buy.

Antwort von smooth-appeal:

I'm saying ... The Tripod is awful but in the price range around the 100 euros is really the best. Nevertheless, less stability would be a visual disaster the same.

Antwort von Jan:

Yes Joey_Moose,

Why the bubble just below the head is hidden - naja ...

It may annoy the camera permanently to tilt forward to see whether the state is perfect. I used it quite like, for 2 fifties only get extremely cheap stuff, I have the 30-70 ¬ yes plastic parts in the company.


Antwort von smooth-appeal:

Mine is still in for repair ... If someday comes back werd ichs possibly as a travel tripod for my camera or take it on ebay verhökern. Perhaps war ichs still passable at a price away if there is currently such a supply difficulties prevail * g *

Antwort von christian deckert:

I am looking for a favorable synonymous with Tripod Neiger and was recently in the business and had opportunity to try a 7000 with the Velbon Manfrotto Neiger (ca. 70 ¬) 128 rc compare. Know me not good with tripods, but the Manfrotto sch ien me much better swing than the Velbon. Has anyone experience with this?

Antwort von Jan:

The 190 head is synonymous better, only costs a usable tripod, like 190 or 055 series head with minimum 150 ¬, so good 1 / 3 more than a DV 7000th And thou hast means spider in the simple Manfrottos not synonymous.

Therefore, the DV 7000 is not just bad - and the Preistip par.

Who has more money is always significantly higher 501 / HDV / 503 / 525 HDV Tripod head with - a significant increase.

Who has more coal gets perfect heads of companies like Cartoni and Sachtler and Vinten.


Antwort von Witti:

Next time an issue, here is only about Hama, Velbon, Vinten,
Manfrotto Sachtler spoken or what do you think of a Wallimex FT9901 / 2 I'm in a magazine recently about gestolpert. I think it looks quite stable after the pictures on the Internet. What do you especially to the head. Because I had before me a Ft9901 for a DVX100 and a 501/502 head of Manfrotto to hollow or is the one who already is?

Antwort von Markus:

"A / e Nameless / r wrote:
... what do you think of a Wallimex ...

Search> Walimex (with only one l) enter ...

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