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Frage von ninja:

Hello and good day
I am just starting with the digital computer editing and try to employ my first steps I Pemiere Adobe Pro and Pinnacle.
Mir are different versions of Premiere Pro available:
Premiere Pro 7.0 and 1.5. Now seems to me Adobe durchgänging version numbers are not to be. The 1.5/2.0 seems newer than the 7.0.
The same goes for other products from the audio / video section of Adobe. We found "gegoogelt" but found nothing reasonable.
Can someone shed some light in the Darkness?



Antwort von nico:

The correct order is:

Premiere Pro 1.0 (erroneously described as a premiere 7)
Premiere Pro 1.5
Premiere Pro 2.0

The same is true for synonymous Audition.


Antwort von ninja:

ups, which went so fast!
Thank you!


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