Infoseite // Very simple video recording device with Nightshot?

Frage von XSandra:

Hello. I urgently need a new cam. I noticed when reading the thread that it spins in this forum rather quality products, but for me I need something very simple and hope someone can help me anyway.

Yesterday is my own "Camera" broken.

I used it to record my rides with a mountain bike, and for a brief moment-(;) Self-recordings. What never was possible, was to hold night walk in the woods, where we heard only sound. It was just a little gimmick, but a made-to-switch, a 4GB device zeigefingergroßes with clip holder (for the shirt; Ordered from Hong Kong for 28 euros). The drawback was that it uncompressed AVI files, although the quality was very modest. One minute could be up to 50mb and the AVI format was strangely missing from the Windows movie maker recognized.

I would now like the smallest possible (; Photo?) Cam or something with which one can record video. That would be optimal

-As small as possible
-Not very expensive because it will probably fall down from s.and to go but might someday break
Cut-popular video formats to edit and
-1m = 1-3MB but please, not 30, 40 or 50
(an acceptable battery life, at least 45 min:))

I would be quite welcome Nightshot. That could mean not only the fact and horrendous megabytes is the reason why I do not want to buy again. In complete darkness video recording (; driving around at night, night walks, etc ^ ^. The green-white or black and white picture. But please, tell me what synonymous without this feature.

The video size and sound quality is no preference as long as there are at least 320x240 pixels and even has sound. I would be synonymous to a mobile phone meets the criteria to consider, and not use it only for video and phoning.

I hope you can help me.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

What do you want to spend?

- 50 Euro
- $ 100
- 250 Euro
- More

Sounds like helmet cameras or FlightCam s.The models you are looking for, hmm `?

B. DeKid


Antwort von XSandra:


Ne, a helmet camera is so single thing is where you have to cramming into a backpack an old Hi8 camcorder.

it may already be on hold in the hand, I do not drive a lot with my helmet. This here is the camera I had so far, it cost 28 euro and it was really very nice
But she was hopeless at everything too bright to dark in sunlight and shadow, so that one only under certain lighting conditions, a picture was all that was, otherwise they had no face for sheer brightness, but there was at least sound:)

It should already be 100 euros, and please, no kit (; Flightcam I looked in google) because I can not sowas:) Just something like, if one with a cell phone that takes the quality is really beside the main thing you see and hear what's going on goes:)


Antwort von actaion:

1min = 1-3 MB?
Sowas gibts not, and if that would be horrible quality.

You can even Recompress the files afterwards, since give software for free.

The most favorable with the SonyDCR-HC51 Nightshot should be new kanppe ¬ 200.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The more closed system than it is synonymous with speicherkarte Sportcam ... or so say the, maybe I find the link again later.

Is small and has normal equaled only a Fingercam Batteries

Was synonymous favorable.

B. DeKid


Antwort von XSandra:

Thank you for your answers. SonyCam This is great although the shape of her but already quite large. Personally, I tended to this thing here, since the size of her matches my expectations.

But that does not have Nightshot. The Sonysteht now with the list

This part here I have found through this forum. It looks really great in ..

However, it costs quite synonymous, for that the more a sound recording device and the video is more zugabe but looks great.

I think one of these that, three to be one. But which one? With the Nightshot s.schlimmsten is of the form here, but that's why all the good features, and the other two of its shape that would be ideal but these features do not stop, that's a tough decision.


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