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Frage von Mister G:

Hi folks,

have the "little brother" of Vegas, that Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 6.0 and I've already incorporated a few days. What struck me so far despite the efforts of all help functions do not succeed, there are 2 things:

1. How can I get the soundtrack of my video event "decoupled" so that I, for example, the Picture Soundtrack regardless of trim, move, etc. can? With me is always sound and picture together, even if I moved the soundtrack to a different track do ...

2. How can I get a event in the middle of other events insert, so that the events underlying the right of this car by this amount to the right move? If an event I would like to insert in between, will always generate automatic crossfades ... Do you always "manual space" or is there a possibility that insertion is easier to implement?

Would be glad if someone can get further help.


Antwort von Marco:

1. Sound or image event button and select "U" (like "Ungroup") press.
Alternative: Above the timeline, the function symbol "Ignore Event Grouping" button.

2. Above the timeline must be "auto-ripple" enabled.
Event in the timeline split s.gewünschten time. They put the cursor on it and "S" - button press. Second event of the window "Project Media", "Explorer" or "Trimmer" in the timeline, drag - exactly at the intersection of the pre-split events.



Antwort von JMitch:

Thank you, that was a big help. Savvy now have that picture and soundtrack of a video clip auto "grouped" are!

Auto Ripple now synonymous savvy.

Thank you


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