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Frage von DennisP.:

I have just discovered a new product at Thomann:


Antwort von MK:

There are professional solutions that transmit via the network cable with TCP / IP or proprietary protocol, the converter of Thomann is a purely passive Converter (in the end, a plug adapter and impedance converter / balancer, if at all) and for long distances is certainly not suitable.


Antwort von tommyb:

The parts work, but there are mass problems in the competitive equipment - ie a mass hum if you plug more than one time:

video only goes
Audio 1 is only
audio only 2 passes
Video and Audio 1 also leads to ultra loud hum on the audio line


Antwort von carstenkurz:

Transmission is symmetrical and very smoothly - but I would suspect most times that there are not thoroughly exchangers are used in the audio portion. The thing has screws, you can open it again?

What is important with something really only the Videobalun one has to be specially adapted to hold 75 Ohm transmission. Audio signals can be synonymous with any forest and meadows over CAT5 balun transferred.

You may be tempted sometimes to separate the screen of the CAT5 cable to one side.

We use something like an S-video configuration for transmission of video and stereo audio, sometimes synonymous microphone signals, over 30m in a permanent installation. Just to NOT have to hum problems. But since you need containing transformers on both sides.

These are things the way synonymous even cheaper on eBay. Of the Thomann's just because of the RCA inputs on first glance but practical applications.

- Carsten


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