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Frage von Babs:


I have an old Video 8 Camera with original tapes. Now wanted to play on DVD and have noticed that some recordings are okay, but others with Störstreifen s.unteren edge as synonymous Störstreifen throughout the picture are.
I do not know if this is a problem of the camera or the tapes. The tapes were all the shots ok, that I would have otherwise under the same recording noticed.
Has anyone of you experience this?


Antwort von Quadruplex:

Time in


Antwort von WideScreen:

"Babs" wrote:
I have an old Video 8 Camera ...

That is probably the problem. When the camera a long time is no longer used, is probably the rubber roller (roller) worn out, or hardened and transports the tape never correct.
If the Störstreifen bottom, or sometimes a little hiking, this is a sign that the tape drives / transport no longer work correctly. A case for the service or the lending of a functioning camera ....


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