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Frage von raki:


I have 2 questions:

1. Mov files which I with my Lumix LX 3 (HD) have seen very well on. After the cut and to summarize them as Magix Jerkiness, synonymous if I find them as MOV will output.

2. Is there a cam to 1080X720 at 24 or 30 images in a reasonable quality recording with no editing at my PC in the knees.

Thanks in advance



Antwort von domain:

I know the videos and edit them Lumix synonymous in Magix, with a normal Core2 jerky because nix. But forget this quality at all times, which is so despite the s.sich not too bad resolution full shit, and it grieselt with wabert strongest artifacts only way around, even with combined with an extremely low-light sensitivity. From tinny sound at times very quiet.
Purchase yourself a normal HDV consumer camera and you will experience the wonders of relative.


Antwort von raki:

Thank you for the quick reply,

but I need 1280X720 Resolutionbei 24 or 30 frames. HDV has 1440X 1080 at 50 images. Can I convert? As I said I have really no idea!


Antwort von Johannes:

JVC `s gy HD100er series but may or 1280x720?
But the subject is not in your price range I think.


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