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Frage von soezkan:

Hi All,

I have a video DVD, which I both in Europe than in the synonymous
U.S. wants to play.
Now the question arises, how something like this is possible? Or is it
no preference, if I just burn PAL/25bps? Or flickers then the

Sorry, I'm total beginnings in this field!

Thank you for tips


Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

sorry, I know of in this area is not synonymous, but I would like to raise with the round, so that DVDs have a country code, and I therefore do not know if you can then play the DVD in the United penalty on any player DVD-nen .

Will surely find someone who can help you. Otherwise you'll just have to create two DVDs, it costs (with a few DVDs do not synonymous), the world ...


Antwort von B.DeKid:

A DVD is burned created with interlaced.

And in the U.S. you need the NSTC standard.

B. DeKid


Antwort von beiti:

"soezkan" wrote: I have a video DVD, which I both in Europe than in the synonymous
U.S. wants to play.
Then I would make two versions: one 50i (PAL) for Europe and one 60i (NTSC) for the U.S..

I assume that your original is PAL (50i).

For the U.S., you will need to convert the video to NTSC, because there only a few players can play PAL. The standard change always brings with itself certain losses (less resolution, jerky movement), but at least the videos will run on all U.S. players.

Although we can now synonymous NTSC DVDs in Europe on most DVD players (so that an NTSC DVD would be used worldwide, so to speak), but your original video is indeed in PAL, and that you will not want this country to play in castrated quality.

EXCEPTION: If you actually know on which devices in the U.S., it should be played, can you first check whether it works, perhaps PAL playback.
Curiously, some control in the United States Billigplayer an internal PAL-NTSC conversion and therefore can show PAL DVDs on U.S. television sets, while brand players this usually can not.

Incidentally, the region does not matter, so there are only a mischief purchase DVDs, but not homemade.


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