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Frage von richie:

I have a SonyPC 100 Video Camera, which still works. I now have a new camera, the Sony PC 100 will only be used for capturing. The Sony100 has AV in and out, so it can be used as a VCR.
My approach when I download a video (VHS tape) überspeilen wanted:
1. Viderecorder dub to DV tape in Sony camcorder (avi file).
2. Sony Camcorder (avi file) übver Firewire s.Computer.
3. Editing with Premiere and DVD burn.
This works perfectly

My question:
Can I get the signal from the VCR on the SonyCamcoder through the computer, without the annoying and time-step (recording on DV tape and then transfer to computer)? Is there a trick? My attempts have so far failed.
Thank you for good ideas


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"richie" wrote: ... Is there a trick? ...
Maybe this will help so-called tips:

Gruß Bernd E.


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