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Videobearbeitung von .m2ts-Files und Export

Video Editing of. M2ts files and Export

Frage von sunshineh:
April 2010

I have the SonyHDR-TG3 and have many individuals. m2ts files from a U.S. vacation, I would like to join you.

All original files together (. M2ts files have) size of 12.2GB, and a length of 3h 55min.

When I run the whole thing in Adobe Premiere Pro (CS4) "load, and export as h.264 1440x1080i at 25, is the size of 25.4 GB!
It is even worse if I export as h.264 Blu-Ray, for since then I land at about 50GB.

What the files are so huge, even though it is. M2ts are still quite easy to handle?

Would not it be the space-saving. M2ts files to string together just to have ONE file? (Goes with the tsMuxeR, or what tool should I use for / out possibly synonymous with my Adobe Premiere Pro?)

Why has a 1440 x 1080 video, the same aspect ratio as a 1920 x 1080 video when I play it on my 1920x1200er monitor? As far as I can see is nothing but synonymous cut off. Should also be with a left and right 1440x1080dann a black bar, right?? I do not understand the world anymore.

The. M2ts files, my SonyHDR TG3 I have with the video analyzer "Media Info" and read times of the shows that have a size of the videos 1440x1080i25. And AC-3 sound. I actually thought this CAM has ne Resolutionvon 1920x1080i !???????

When I look at the information on a mine. M2ts files with the "tsMuxeR" look, I get the following information:
-Here you can see that there is a Resolutionvon 1440:1080 I25 in H.264.
And one-in PGS (Presentation Graphic Stream) of at 1920:1080 also 25Frames / s

Does this mean that the cam takes up, although in 1440, but filed the info that it is run in 1920?? ... Otherwise I can not explain it all!?

INFO PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

As what you thought about your exports. m2ts videos to save to get 1st place and 2.MaxQualität?

Antwort von jwd96:

To your question with the 1440 and 1920:
1440 has the same Seitenverhältniss as 1920, because the true 1920x1080i video has square pixels. The scenario is one pixel is as high as wide.
With a 1440x1080 pixel video but is a 1.33 times as wide as high. This then results in the same format. On your camcorder is indeed 1920x1080, but it's only 1440x1080 pixels. Since these are wider, however, is the size of a 1920x1080 video.

I hope you can understand it.

Antwort von RickyMartini:

The data rates (bit rate) determines how large a file is. These can be customized in the settings of Export PPro.

The Clipanzahl is virtually irrelevant to the file size - see 1)
With PowerDVD, you can view all the s.Stück synonymous uncut clips - with no breaks in between - and thus avoids the lengthy rendering process!

3 + 4)
Just take the instructions of the action at hand and go through the recording modes - RTFM! ;)
When 1440x1080 anamorphic (distorted horrizontal) recorded, with square pixels. On playback, there is a rectification.

Maximum quality requires a high bit rate, which is contrary to the saving of space. So I would stop in PPro as a video data rate of 20Mbps.

Antwort von sunshineh:

Hello and thank you for your quick answers!

I have set in Adobe Premiere Pro only my import and export formats. The bit rate I have not changed.

Where can I read about how I must set the bit rate, so I have no loss of quality compared to my m2ts files?

My concern, after all, just about to add the m2ts files together and to cut the video and to provide with appropriate effects and flashes.

How do I provide the exact bit rate?
because the quality is better than the original?
And how can i and p makes it practically felt, so I REALLY see a difference s.TV?

PS Why is a full HD camcorder really not built with the same 1920Pixeln what is the benefit? It is also somewhat deceptive, because it can represent a pixel, only one color>> means I have therefore only 1440 pixels in width, or what I see as wrong?

Antwort von Jott:

The advantage of very roughly: to compress less pixels per charge, therefore, better picture quality than 1920x1080 with the same data rate. Anamorphic images you see in the synonymous Movies, TV and on every day at 16:9 DVD, completely normal thing.

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