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Frage von Lars Lehmann:


There are of this program:
a demo version

and / or

Of this:

I'm looking for is a program with a news studio background, is both yes prodikten there .....
what news programs with hintergrünedn there are?

Thank you very much

Kind regards, Lars L.


Antwort von joey23:

Data Becker, at least, the program comes up in the usual poor quality, therefore, absolutely mieserabler. Rare as a bad keying seen.

Leg you prefer a good software, and to get the background elsewhere. There is one to buy as 3d files, or you what you tinker in Photoshop or something. But please please please, pay no money for this Data Becker garbage ...



Antwort von RupertGr8:

With Serious Magic is already working for, but cost you something - & Demo's because of my knowledge, no ..


Antwort von AdmiralWindows:

I know the other two programs do not, but synonymous with Data Becker software in other fields as video ALWAYS bad experiences.
I have Adobe Ultra CS3, which has not only a GREAT keying-quality but a number synonymous with virtual sets as a bundle (news studio with it). Here
gi bts synonymous yet to buy more sets. These sets are not only wallpapers but you can even 3D camera tracks to make you turn vorrausgesetzt such a camera in front of your Green Screen.
Get info and demo:

I know Adobe products are expensive but the best thing you can get, except maybe some of Avid and products for the price of a Porsche to be.


Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Anonymous" wrote: With Serious Magic is already working for, but cost you something - & Demo's because of my knowledge, no ..
Prefer to review once more closely. I had a few months ago where the demo downloaded, now of course gone.


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