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Frage von stonecutter:


So I am an absolute n00b in the field of video editing.
But I have now nen video on my computer and Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

But no preference whether I spend it on DVD or film (ie, so normal avi) or myself create a template or use a template, I have a similar outcome.

-min (5 for very large files mpg2 DVD format 600 mb!)

Partially it jerky

- Strip with stronger movements

To what can it be?
Is it important what I have chosen to "New Project"?


stone cutter

PS: are s.der kanns net performance of the computer, I have transferred over FireWire


Antwort von jasmin61:

everyone has started so times, no problem!

What do you need the material? Do you want to play it on DVD and watch on TV? Or just for PC playback?

It can have several causes. Tips I can give you, if you say what you need it ....


Antwort von stonecutter:

I really want to do both. Once the film on dvd and then spend so divx on the computer. That would be my desire.


Antwort von jasmin61:

ok. So I would be an AVI to DVD herausrendern from APP. Following settings:


Export> Movie> Settings>
Full S.

DV (Pal)
25 fps
D1 / DV PAL (1,067)
at data rate off hook

Keyframe and Rendering:
Bottom Field First

the finished AVI then burn with Nero or other burning program on DVD

with Divix I have not really worked .... the film in CONVERTR open and the rest, he alone makes ...

Here's the link to nen

Partially it and jerky strips with stronger movements

Hope you could help.
Good luck


Antwort von Musel1:

but that can still be net avi gelelesen the dvd player will not it?
So s.pc I still have the "fields" problem. Is it then s.Television away? Should I encode the ding net to MPEG2 so I can read it s.dvd player?


Antwort von stonecutter:


the "guest" I had to log've forgotten it.

So now I have my problem with the half-frames. With the link I have indeed captured the problem but does not know how I solve it with Adobe Premiere Pro. Otherwise, if everything fits properly with the video.

But I can read s.DVD player synonymous of normal AVI? And then I have no fields problems?

First of big thanks for the help!


Antwort von jasmin61:

Hi stone cutter,

if you create a DVD with Nero, that you will add your AVI is a file, then the program creates your one automatic and one AUDIO_TS VIDEO_TS file on the DVD. Nero converts mpg auto in the AVI. Files. are (which the vob's to be found later in the folder structure of the DVD)

Your idea that an AVI is not in a DVD player can be played back, is correct.

And yes, the fields are not visible s.TV, here you have it a beautiful peaceful picture.

So in summary: AVI in Nero (DVD) Add and burn, finished ;-)


Antwort von lurco:

And how do you get away halbbider s.pc?
de-interlacing on, I suppose, but what about the s.einfachsten and fastest?

looks kind of shit else.


Antwort von jasmin61:

adding) when exporting (keyframe and rendering the video together and not selecting the lower field first.



Antwort von stonecutter:

Ok Danke erstmal.

But I still have heaps nen questions ...

1. If I so so terminates "join video" but then the one field and copy the other (but deletes called interpolation or?) Is BUT that is the best possibility for solving the problem?? I am losing more then 50% of the quality (at least in Height)

2. Are shooting for with BOTH fields exactly the same time created or moved very slightly? Because then there must be possible for the fields "perfect together."

3. I rumprobiert long ago times. Since I just got outplayed my video, as it was issued with APP.
File> Export> Export-> to DVD.

The comic was that I had somehow synonymous ne shit Qualli s.fernseher partially strip then synonymous ".
Should I try it again? But s.was being? My Calculator should be good enough
(2.8 GHz Pentium 4, NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE, with Firewire dubbed)
When I connect the camera directly s.den Television, everything is top, does not lie s.der Cam.


Antwort von Nio:


How it Währe select the one for the PC and let the Upper field first for DVD then?

And the half-frames: In the past, the Fernshne Neeson were indeed not so good. The visual information has been of (top to bottom or vice versa sent?) On the maatscheibe. Well, but once the information was in the middle, were the information above verblast again. What do you do? Husband always sends a series of skips Information, a back and writes a. Once the tool is down, it writes the information in the "gaps"

Thus, these tech Nick was still used today. The Kammera First nimt one half on a short time later and the next. When you join, there are also no significant differences.

S.der and quality of the computer, it should not really mine are running at the 3rd Starting with the third time by changing options rendering without problems the whole night.



Antwort von kyberkelte:

"Nio" wrote:
How it Währe select the one for the PC and let the Upper field first for DVD then?


Previously, I had the lower field, so you think he fields the "wrong" going on around you? Because otherwise I do nothing to change.


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