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Video Film Copying

Frage von Tommy707de:
November 2009

The following problem:
If I for example, a 3 minutes video (Avi) of my PC's internal hard drive to an external hard drive copy, the copied movie of the external hard drive only applies in the Ruckeltempo again. This applies to Windows Media Player and other playback programs. Does anyone know "WHY RUCKELEI these effects may be, or what must be done to remedy the Ruckelei??
As a test I copied of the internal "hard drive C" internal to the D hard drive "or vice versa. Since the copied video runs flawlessly.
'm No computer expert, only users. Thanks for a possible answer, like synonymous s.meine e-mail address under "Tommy707de@yahoo.de.

Antwort von rush:

your external hard drives will be too slow ... or of external PCM connections fixed to the pc hdd could be synonymous to the bottleneck

Antwort von unodostres:


this is because the data transfer via USB is relatively slowly converting. An AVI file usually has one synonymous corresponding surgical relatively large size so the data must be transmitted.
Depending on whether you USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 (current standard have) it is even langs ammer.
External disks are Connected via USB to your eigendlich only for backup or to work with "smaller" data.

Fast transfers you'll get your attention if your PC has an eSATA port and your external disk synonymous has an eSATA port. Here you have it the same as if the platform is Übertragunsgrate Internally connected.

Antwort von Tommy707de:

Thanks for the reply.
Only to complete:
I have two external hard disks. The latest is just 14 days old, a Verbatim 250 GB, USB 2:00
The older one is about 3 years old, 300 GB, USB 1.1 or with AC adapter. They all work to the satisfaction of BOTH, not just jetztigen in Filmkopierung.
MfG Tommy

Antwort von tommyb:

Either your USB ports to 1.1 or just the file to be able to simply run too large to sensibly.

You say AVI. What sort of AVI? 3 minutes long it is, yes, but how big is the file?

USB 2.0 provides theoretically approximately 60MB / s, but in practice there remain more than 30MB left (on some chipsets only 15). Ie per second can be read up to 30 MB. If your file in 3 minutes length is larger than 5.4 GB, then the jerk is unfortunately normal (180 seconds * 30 MB = 5400 MB).

Antwort von Debonnaire:

I work (capture, cut, export, play) with Adobe Premiere Pro s.gut two-hour IT projects (SD), which are situated entirely on an external USB 2.0 hard drive and it works fine. So it can not s.der USB 2.0 transmission capacity are still s.der size of files being transferred.

Perhaps you have your new hard disks views and / or check disk to format and / or defragment to increase performance.

Antwort von tommyb:

"Debonnaire" wrote:
So it can not s.der USB 2.0 transmission capacity are still s.der size of files being transferred.

Uncompressed RGB to 720x576 at 25 frames coincidentally is about 30 MB / s. If the plate is still synonymous fragmented very subtle, then a jerk is completely determined by the size possible.

DV does with its 3.2 MB / s of course, no risk;

Let's wait off until the thread creator has his secret revealed on the file size;)

Antwort von Tommy707de:


Antwort von Tommy707de:

Your telephone number 0211-7021014. Have flat rate for call back, if detailed information is required
Gruß Thomas

Antwort von Debonnaire:


Antwort von Tommy707de:

Hello Debonnaire,
sorry, your message regarding the "detailed description" I can not understand, unfortunately. What should be described in greater detail, is alien to me. A film will be copied to external hard drive. A hard drive is 14 days old, the other 2 years. Both have USB 2.0, the movie jerky. Other details I had indicated. So what else ?????
But the problem is not really synonymous SOOO important, as you notice.
Stop it, we herewith. I am grateful for the effort and it would then have to clarify through a PC technician on site. Requests Have a nice evening.

Antwort von robbie:

But your computer connection is only 1.1 ...

How will you get through since 2.0? .. As you can behind thousands of hard disks and Hubs 2.0 hang, it remains usb 1.1 ...

It's like when you fill a swimming pool and a fire hose garden hose somehow s.deinen fummel .. it is still just a few drops!

Antwort von darg:

Even worse than USB 1.1 is that it has are probably s.Hub both plates. Even if a record is created idled through the USB traffic overhead and so he comes with 2 plates s.einem access only to very small non-continuous data streams.
If one of the plates has Firewire, the USB cable to throw out the window and close it as Firewire, a lot more suitable for video streaming and faster (now does not come with USB 480Mbs to 400Mbs for FW!)

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

An uncompressed AVI file can often synonymous of the internal hard drive will not playback smoothly, since the data volumes are so high.
Does your avi file because of the internal hard drive smoothly? If not, it is not mandatory to USB (as you so you're not sure whether 2.0 or 1.1).
Experiments also show the file with VLC player and not with Windows Media Player.

A completely uncompressed avi file for 3 minutes may well have 7.5 GB!

Of course it is synonymous clear that you can not play this file over USB 1.1. The process described above is only because you are unsure whether you have USB 2.0 or 1.1.
Uses WindowsXP and you have not installed Service Pack, I recommend you at least Service Pack 2 install. It includes USB 2.0 drivers. (Of course, this only works if your computer, or more precisely, your motherboard is synonymous USB 2.0-capable!)

USB 2.0 Card (PCI) find you been for 15 ¬ at Ebay.

Best regards,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

defragment .... I have NEVER made those who need it?!


USB can be that your only 1 are, for example, he likes the front lines are slow ... rather, the board (use the back).

Plates speed - some very small lap-top panels are only 5400 instead of 7200
Buffer panels also may play a role

eSATA or Firewire is always drawn to the USB as an interface vorzu.
(or internal nen PCI to IDE controller is still time before then put eSATA)


Are the internal disks partitioned? Then there always time to give all partitions the dual s.Arbeitsspeicher as virtual memory free.

Go to Start>> Control Panel>> Performance and Maintenance>> System.

In the dialog box, select Advanced System Properties tab.

Click the button under Performance, click Settings.

Select Advanced in the Performance Options dialog box tab.

Under Virtual Memory, click on the Change button.

Select Custom Size and enter in Initial Size and the Maximum size higher than the existing value. Enter the maximum size for a value that is twice as large as the value of the initial size.

Click OK>> OK>> OK to close the dialog box.

Close the dialog box performance and maintenance.

B. DeKid

If none of that may help buy time nen MAC - LOL!

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