Infoseite // Video Grabber USB of the Win XP as a video source is detected

Frage von Dattelaffe:

Hi Folks, has anyone of you a solution in action, one under Win-XP into the USB port reinfriemelt, then s.der ANALOGUE! via S-video or RCA Videocam any needs, then by Windows as a video input is detected? In other words, the Videocam be with the part to function as a webcam. I'm here in the forum on the ADVC-300 "pushed, but it is too expensive, so thought s.bis max. 100, - Euro. I need the thing for the input for the portal "" (advertising on the portal here). Thank you, Regards, the Dattelaffe


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Dattelaffe" wrote: Hi folks ... ...
A question to which in another thread already answers given were:
again to ensure only makes for confusion. It is better if you have the same thread in the discussion continues.

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von maxigs:


I have my pinnacle studio box (510-usb) get - bought in the hope my camcorder as a webcam synonymous times to be able to use.

Unfortunately, not all works as desired (or how it might be ..)

only in the included (and required to be installed ...) Studio 11 software, can I get a picture of the camera on the screen.

which are also supplied on-capture software complains that it "could not render video stream" and the schrim stays white / black and zb in yahoo messenger can I use the 510-box as a usb webcam but can choose only one message "the camera is not connected. "

alternative drivers, wdm zb-compatible do not seem to exist and synonymous otherwise unfortunately I could hardly find the topic. here in the forum there are already one or the other topic, but unfortunately there is never synonymous wr A solution


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