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Frage von Beatfabrikant:


I want a compressed video editing so (decompress transormieren, or whatever else is needed), so I think it is in the Media Composer 3 Import can. I hope I can someone describe how I approach s.besten

Here are the technical data of the video:

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
Codec / Info: MPEG4 ISO advanced profile
Play Time: 2h 4mn
Width: 1280 pixels
Height: 528 pixels
Display Aspect ratio: 2.35
Frame rate: 25.000 fps

Codec: AC3
Codec / Info: Dolby AC3
Channel (s): 2 channels
Sampling rate: 48 KHz

Thank you very much!


Antwort von RickyMartini:

If the "Media Composer 3" AV codecs can use the other editing programs include, you could be using "Canopus Edius NEO" and the HQ Converters in the Matrial HQ AVI transcode and edit in Avid.

If Avid can you deny this, nor on HDV or MPEG2 HQ convert and import the material.


Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Das wär vllt a possibility, but certainly with a lot of effort. Incidentally (I forget) is a Matroska file §:. Is not Converter? Find irgendwie nix at google.


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