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Frage von Arta:

Video Friends
I want to ask you something
I want to buy a video mixer but I can not decide it
I had never mixer one.
I looked on the internet, I found a piece of par, but as I said, have little
You know, I hope you can help me
Here, the video mixer the price of her I could buy,
Video Mixer is to have 4 inputs
a preview monitor, I thought to myself that I plug in a camcorder with analog input and the output s.Videomischpult directly s.Mini DV recording,
but I do not knows whether this will work, otherwise I can connect s.Videorecorder synonymous but I would have a better quality
I request for help
Thanks in advance

Edirol V-4
Edirol V-1
Datavideo SE 500
Panasonic WJ AVE 5 Digital


Antwort von steveb:

Maybe a PC solution would be the better alternative. What do you want mixing, cutting, washing, blow drying :-)? Setter How many do you have? The variant is clearly the best at the moment with Camera ..... filmed ... dubbing data to your PC via firewire and then post-process, crop, add effects and Articles ... etc.


Antwort von Markus:


Questions like these are often conspicuously made lately. If it were not for the questionable attempt at video editing goes, then it must act it was probably a live production. - And already we have a useful term for the search function (and thus there's no misunderstanding, it is the concept of live production. "So that you can find matching information) to your question. ;-)

Video Mixer, the pure analog (composite, Y / C, component?) And get out digital (DV, SDI? There) can of it in the price range you listed IMO not.


Antwort von Eggerd:

You're in luck. Here are the best solution for you will be offered.
Transmission is via analog SVHS. In addition, you still need a AD converter before the Calculator. Quality is Top We use this mixer for live recording with 4 DV cameras. analogue transmission is s.den a compromise price. Pure digital technology will cost about 10 times more. Use the search function time for this offer.
mfG Eggerder

Sorry, I woke up now. The question was discontinued in 2006, yes!
Then I'll do my own views to the mixer.

Top Video Mixer

Panasonic WJ AVE 55

To say the mixer you have not much. Of 4Quellen suitable for mixing, effects, transitions, chroma key, Stillimage, strobe, Negative, Mosaic, mix, wipe, PiP, Chroma Key, Mono / sw / Luminance Key, etc

For further questions, just let me know.

mixer is located in the optical and technical TOP CONDITION.

Offer s.ssidris @

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