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Frage von BBF:

Hello everybody!

I have a small little problem: As part of an event, I need a way, a kind of TV program to send, and for several days. Here I thought s.die opportunity to take a calculator available on a video player such as. Winamp playlist and worked on the overlay picture on the S-Video Out output. So far, so good.

Now, however, the problem is that behind the calculator nor a picture mixer, and keyer title generator is running. The usual media players eg. Winamp or Win. Media Player playlists can be beautifully executed, but they can not clip frame exactly hang together. The Stream of tears after each clip s.and for the next reboot, which then sS-Video out an image dump truck caused the image which in turn mixer and the remaining hardware makes it unhappy.

Anyone here knows a way or a software player, similar to a broadcast automation, a playlist can be executed without ever between two clips in sync is lost? If it were a few black frames between clips are, it would not be so bad, but as I said, it must not only halt tilt: It must be a constant source synchronous exist.

PS.: I am not bound s.Windows. If it's something only on Linux, that would be legally synonymous to me. :)


Antwort von Stefan:

Have you heard the usual vj / video jockey probiert Programs? Effect with a continuous track (Black Picture) and a File / live track could go.

Another way could be the feeding of the playlist on his AVISynth. It would by AVISynth from the individual files a continuous video stream is generated. The playback of one Viedeostreams (with aneinandergehängten videos) could then with the Media Player made. Disadvantage - rigid playlist.

Letztentlich I like the software but not solutions.

I would see if there is a hardware solution, which guarantees a consistent Videosync eg a TBC or a Videoenhancer between PC and image mixer, keyer and title generator. Or. would I use a mixer to use higher quality image, which itself makes the Videosyncs.

Good luck
The thick Stefan


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