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Frage von matte:

I am working on an editing system is installed by the Canopus NX-1 card. So far, I could spend with the card not only the Edius Preview on an external monitor, but synonymous with AFX 6.5. Recently, I am switched to the CS 5 suites and all have been working any more. (Of course, only in AFX, with Edius works fine)
My Video support, Adobe has said the cooperation and support terminated Canopus CanopusKarten not anymore.
Since I wanted to simultaneously hear them again if anyone here one probably. what exactly white or one probably. even have a way to know how to present the video again AFX s.den get started!
Thanks in advance!


Antwort von matze22:

Hey :-)

The problem is this:
To output in After Effects video through the Canopus card, you need a plugin (Canopus Video - Out) ...

And for CS5, there are currently no plug-in, because everything has been changed to 64bit and do not work the old 32-bit plugins ...

Currently there is unfortunately no way to use the video output in CS5 ...

I have checked with Canopus, is said to s.dem CS5-plugin just worked, I'm curious how long that is ...

(After Effects CS4 would work with the old plugin, because it is still working ... 32bit)


Antwort von matte:

The fact that they are working on it calms me so schonmal.
But otherwise, go a big selling point for the Canopus card would be lost!


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