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Basic Video Production: Video Production Basics: The classic design of light rudi - 26 Dec 2009 06:55:00


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Paper flaps?, A black roll-wrap costs about 30-35 ¬ and allows a much more flexible and above all safer (non-flammable) illumination.




Antwort von Axel:

It is too inflexible, if leadership, lightening and backlight actually be made each with a lamp. This short circuit is always advised of the scheme itself. If these lamps are synonymous and used directly or unscattered, sees the scene from artificial in any case. Three lamps, they enslave ...

A more modern model firstly describes the background light. Like the space itself is illuminated. Here one must be between credibility - will be replicated as a possible existing or natural light - and weigh the intended lighting effect. With a lamp to get out and rarely synonymous direct, hard light is rarely used. The fundamental light is understood as independent of recruitment. It is adapted to the change of a long shot to a close-up only "scaled". It is not only the back-ground, but the additional ground, the initial situation.

That could lead light (runner-up spot in figure skating, they scoff) is replaced with lighting design. You point the camera directly to its main character, like maybe even that he is alone displayed sharp, while the distracting background blur. Clearly, that lighting needs to support this emphasis. And, of course, not in the sense of Holiday On Ice.

With the brightening of parts is indeed, quite rightly, by the old-fashioned light guide made synonymous shadow of it, but lightening and shading are not a part of the concept, but subsequent revisions. There is no cracks of light left in, without having to follow a specific intent. It is not a reason to lift the back, but to mitigate balance. Whether it be light or reflected light of reason or motive, we must decide in each case.

What is missing with good reason, is the tip of the backlight. Nothing against light, but in the classical 3-point heart-explosion technique is always responsible for the Sissi & Franzl - studio look. In fact, light can be synonymous, the background light, then the motive, the brightening light, without which would be the motive is only a silhouette.


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