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Frage von shodushitanaka:

Hello friends.

This video I have 3 years ago-shortly before my big break-made. It should be Austria's beautiful countryside make palatable. Have rotated with an XM1 and Color Correction with Premiere Pro.

I know, transitions, succession, light horse at the pumps, etc.. are not always clean, had a few Darlings can kill but I had myself in the song verrant did the length and then addressed, O)

Would be grateful for feedback on the general arrangement ..... so I have a clue, a neutral rating of my work have.

(.. and it will not discuss the monetary value; O)

Youtube eats but again the colors well.

Gracias por su colaboración and hasta luego


Antwort von domain:

The first sequences will probably express that you are in Austria and her much out there are ;-))


Antwort von FabeX:

There are some beautiful shots that ..

negative thing I noticed:

1) too long (even though I have this question to geguckt hab ;-))
2) the opening sequence (drive through the forests) are free .. Transporting my opinion synonymous nix
3) there are also many synonymous bilder drin you will have can save .. would have a positive impact on the length ..
4) The song I like very well .. but for a clip about Austria, I would rather take an Austrian song ..



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Good - you really need nothing more to say.
Think you know yourself what could have been better.

They should look like holiday videos.
Property was given from a helicopter rotated or of the street down into the valley for some shots?

B. DeKid

PS. In the cow lying, I would have sent me a Bunny Hop (0Sprung) the "MTB rider" on the cow makes gewünscht.Wäre better than the river crossing was. Although I am excited with his driving skills would have been if he had packed. Good recording would be the way or you become ;-))) Oh what I say! Genialst! (((-;


Antwort von Kino:

The helicopter was probably a cable car - with out-point before the next column.

Instead of text represented a majority-(Appears) Picture-scissors, I had a good, decent off-speakers wanted (Elmar Gunsch still alive)?

The "Bunny Hop (0Sprung)" I know not enough. But precisely for this group you need to obviously have a little gas.

I think the footage is better than mounting it. But synonymous in the mountains should be a horizontal type horizon. This is synonymous here correctable, but now believe it is s.Deinem Tripod.

For the recording of the forest damage report has already expressed FabeX.

If Malle's for ¬ 500, - there must ÖSIS but right now 'what d'raufpacken.


Antwort von domain:

Are very many beautiful settings in the process ÖSIS sure to know the reward.
One thing I would, on average, but consistently in the future avoid the frequent jumps axis. As an example, the first three settings: first moves of the forest in the Picture of left to right, in the second setting of the right and left in the third setting of left to right. The easy thing would be avoided if the second clip in his direction in the NLE simply been reversed, then we would have a complete and enjoyable travel which should achieve.
Also a paste of clips without left-right motion in between can create mitigation.
And another thing: the insertion of "adventure" I would have actually been other pictures as comfortable hiker and a murmuring Gebirgsbächlein expected, rather high mountain climbing and rafting, etc.
But on the whole a thoroughly Featured collage, compliment


Antwort von Pebowski:

I would perhaps synonymous chosen a different font, the present MMN but comes a bit too "old fashioned" therefore.
(With what effect did you actually make the font blur?)

LG Peter


Antwort von domain:

Maybe even a point to the many cross fades.
In this video they do not interfere much, because the entire work in any more an impression from several moving "slide" is.
The normal case, but the hard cut, because of our Sehapparat house on sudden change of image is set, in contrast to the ear, where the sound synonymous several eyeballs and head movements can also be maintained.
A crossfade is really only dramaturgical reasons only and should ensure that a particular statement or as a stopgap at Amateurfilmern when no other Council more aware, in very different sequences aneinanderzureihen somehow bearable.


Antwort von shodushitanaka:

Thank you for viewing and feedback. Once again many interesting clues that I have in my ever-growing folder Slashcam hab: O)

On-the cow, I was particularly proud and would not overwhelm because we already spent a lot of time had to learn the text, O)

Heli-ropeways = correct

-Did the font blur with Keyframes in Premiere Pro to ... The appear (in size), the suppression Fuzzy (Gaussian blur, I think).

-What now but still the price is concerned, the effort, etc. mitberechnet, so I have left about 35.40 euros ... : O (

Gracias and until then ...



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