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Frage von HansMaulwurf:

Good afternoon dear ones,

I am currently looking for a (preferably free) alternative to physically NEN 45 minute film to send to the world, but the receiver for hours to spare download.

The criteria are:
- Possible term of min. 45 minutes (without any forced split)
- Min Filesize. 1.5 GB
- Video can be password protected.

YouTube, Vimeo, Sevenload, Clipfish, MyVideo and YouTube are s.min respectively. a criterion failed.

Someone 'ne idea?


Antwort von mbwkrause:


Antwort von joerg:

Become a MotionMaker at


Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

@ Mbwkrause: Thanks for the tip. Why did this afternoon uploaded a small test file, has worked out perfectly. Now with a 2 GB file does, unfortunately, since two hours nothing. No progress bar, not a nothingness ... No idea where that is.

@ Joerg: Sevenload has no password protection. Idea is to flog a 45Minuten documentary broadcast further, so nothing for the public.
YouTube is probably the singular Project to the question.


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